Caution Regarding Use of Backup Plugins

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    May 4, 2020 10:56 AM EDT

    This is a general caution that we only do when we find an issue that warrants an official response or post. 

    It has come to our attention that there are backup or backup and restore plugins being sold. In most cases, a host will either do a backup, has a backup feature, or offers backups. The same goes for restore. Our recommended host, BryZar, has free off-site backups for their clients. Having off-site backups is the recommended backup method these days as it stores the file off of your main server and hence, frees up valuable space for website content and resource usage.

    We strongly recommend against using any plugin for backup or restore. These plugins cause heavy resource usage and can be security risks. In some cases, the backup process is using 100% of server resources, causing crashes. Server crashes are not to be taken lightly as they can cause loss of data, issues with data integrity and can even damage your database. 

    Also, these backups could be being stored in the public_html or other public folder which is a security risk and can cause your site data to be stolen. Never store backups on your server. Always download and then delete your backups unless you have an external server for storage.

    The backup routine can also be backing up previously stored backups if you kept the backup files on the server. This takes up massive amount of space and eventually fills your server disc. Again causing the site to go down and you to lose content as nothing can be stored on your server if the disc is full.

    It is our hope that developers will be pro-active and realize that this particular plugin is a detriment to clients and pull them from their stores. This would be the best option and would show concern for our client's well being. 

    Again, we normally do not take such a stand but this issue concerns us greatly and we had to post.

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