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New Release Announcement and Montly Updates - September 2017

  • September 7, 2017 8:59 AM EDT

    We're glad to announce the release of our plugins and happenings at SocialEngineSolutions W.E. September 1, 2017 .


    1. Word Animation – New in Advanced News & Activity feeds Plugin

     We’re glad to announce very Important, Popular and Latest feature of Word Animation in our Advanced News & Feeds plugin. This plugin now supports 17 animations which you can choose for the strings or words in the feeds on your website.



    View Demo:
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    2. New enhancements in Advanced News & Activity feeds Plugin

    We’re thankful to all our clients who have been using our Advanced News & Activity feeds Plugin and are providing their valuable feedback so that we can enhance and improve our plugin. We have been working hard on providing some awesome features in this plugin. Please find list of few features below:

    1. Pin Posts to Top of Profiles
    With this new feature in the Global Settings of this plugin, admins can enable / disable members of their site to choose to Pin any 1 post on the top of profile pages – Member Profile page and Content Profile pages.
    The Pinned Posts will remain at the top until a member has removed the post or unpinned it.



    2. Where to Buy URL in Sell Something
    With this new field members can now enter the URL from where the product which is being posted for sell can be purchased.

    This “Sell Something” feature already allows you to sell anything on your website without setting any payment gateway thereby increasing user engagement as there are no commissions charged for sales

    When people would be able to add the URL for the product’s purchase page, they will probably be more active on your website and use this feature as Free Advertisement on your website and bring more traffic and users to your site.


    Find the plugin on
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    3. Native iOS App released for Beta testing in iTunes Store!


    Click here to Participate in our IOS App Beta testing and get eligible for flat 15% discount on your purchase.

    SocialEngineSolutions iOS app is for all the websites which are developed using SocialEngine. This app will provide your users an easy way to access your website and help you gain more user engagement and retention.

    Key Features

    1) Attractive Welcome Page with Slideshow

    2) Status Updates

    3) Send Messages

    4) Viewing & Managing your activity feeds

    5) Easy and fast browsing

    6) Likes & Comments on various contents

    7) Advanced & Attractive Music Player, accessible from the lock screen of your iPad or iPhone.

    And a lot more ...



    Participate in our IOS App (beta)


     4. Feelings & Activities Plugin

    How you're feeling and What you're doing - This plugin enables your users to share their feelings and activities in their Status Updates.

    The “Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin” has the ability to enable users to share their feelings by simply adding basic emoticons to post their status updates. Members can add pre loaded smileys, but to add more charm to the status update posts, we have developed this “Feelings & Activities Plugin”.

    This plugin will take your website one more step ahead in terms of usability and user engagement as it will provide your users the ability to share their feelings and activities in very awesome way, like celebrating birthday, feeling happy/sad/angry, watching videos, listening music and much more.

    Feelings and Activities can be static or module based. Admin can create multiple categories and add feelings & activities of 2 types - List Type and Module Type. A category can have any number of list items or modules in it. Choose how you're feeling or describe what you're doing: (ex: where you're traveling to) from the menu or start writing a word to find the feeling or activity description you want. If it isn't listed, you can fill in your own and tap it when it appears in the dropdown menu.

     View Demo:

    Test User: / 123456



     Note: This plugin requires “Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin” to work.


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    *** We will update here as and when we will have something new to share.


    Team SocialEngineSolutions


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  • September 13, 2017 1:53 AM EDT

    Checkout the New enhancements in Advanced News & Activity feeds Plugin .

    1. Pin Posts to Top of Profiles

    2. Where to Buy URL in Sell Something