SE 5.2.1 Version and Third Party Manufacturer Compatibility.

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    July 22, 2020 5:33 AM EDT

    1.  theme

    The theme of a third-party manufacturer is not compatible with the submenu of version 5.2.1. If it is in use, you must stop the 5.2.1 upgrade, wait for a third party manufacturer's theme upgrade, and test and upgrade. The menu is messed up.


    2. Advanced menu plugin

    There is no major confusion as it is developed independently. However, the themes of third-party creators are confusing. After all, you have to wait for the upgrade. If not, use the same company product.

    SE : Lightweight and sub-menu support

    other : Support various functions (Potential conflicts with plugins or themes of third-party creators)



    3. Social Login plugin

    Installing this product adds the same process as the photo uplog feature and create profile in the signup process. Deactivating the feature and re-enabling it will add the process again. So you have to wait for this plugin to be upgraded as well. If not, membership registration will be impossible.

    (Processes cannot be deleted and must be carefully considered.)


    4. File Manager Plugin

    Advanced file manager plugins behave differently from SE plugins. Therefore, files uploaded by the advanced file manager plugin are not recognized. (logo, favicon etc..) There is no compatibility, so be very careful.


    This is the compatibility I've found so far. There may be other plugins. If you have installed a third-party plugin for the time being, upgrading to version 5.2.1 will be a big challenge. Be sure to check compatibility and upgrade.

    I downgraded to a backup file.

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    July 22, 2020 7:43 AM EDT

    This used to be helpful at another script too. Clients would post which plugins specifically that were not compatible yet and it helped other clients know. My own method to upgrade is always to wait a week or two before upgrading. I also always check if I use third party plugins and upgrade a development clone of my own site.