setting up sub domain for testing

  • March 17, 2021 1:26 PM EDT

    I did a fresh intall of SE on my server. After completing the installation, the test site only shows Member and Invite in the menu. I am assuming that is because the license is not being validated. 

    I did realize afterwards that there was another folder with SE installed which I deleted. 

    What should I do to the get all the other packages available like groups, photos, etc.

    I want to do a demo for another non for profit association for which I am a volunteer. I was looking for the SE trial version and the only option I found was to setup a server with Bryzar, not a file to download; after the domain has been verified by Bryzard ( and about 24 hrs later, the wheel is still spinning setting up the server.

    Please help me resolve this.


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    March 17, 2021 2:23 PM EDT

    Please send a ticket to BryZar as it takes time for domain propagation which is explained in their documentation. They will help you set the trial set up. We can't help here as we don't do the trials.

    As for your packages in your main site, you need to install the plugins if you didn't as they install separately.