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    September 25, 2017 9:34 AM EDT

    Hei folks
    I have a tiny issue (nothing serious )
    On my events and groups sections members are not able to 'report' events or groups as they can on all other items. I have only just picked up on this issue.

    On my menu editor the options are there but on the events and groups pages the 'report?' tab/ button is not there.

    I have checked the settings and all seem ok. Below is a rout map of what I do to activate 'Report?' button.

    >admin  >Appearance  >Menu editor  >editing [drop down menu]  >choose ['events or groups' profile options menu]  >'events or groups' Edit  >apply Enabled?  >click [edit menu item]

    I then visit events and groups but the 'report?' option is not there.

    Any ideas ?


  • gs
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    September 25, 2017 2:07 PM EDT

    Although I don't use SE Groups and Events, I checked the Groups (I have 2 dummy records there for testing).  The Report option is not displayed.

    I too have checked that it is Enabled in Menu Editor.  I also checked Layout Editor (just in case there was a setting there in the widget, but there wasn't).  I checked MLs as well - no setting exists for Reporting.  Since I was logged-in as the Owner of the Group, I logged in as another User and the Report option still didn't display.

    Soooo... I have duplicated this issue with Groups using Se 4.09.04p2.  Depending on what others post, you may have to create a Bug Report for this if no one is able to resolve it. Thanks for reporting this (no pun intented).

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    September 25, 2017 3:13 PM EDT

    Hei gs.
    Thanks. I guess it is a bug.

    I tested the same way you did just to make sure. Il make a bug report.