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    June 11, 2021 5:22 PM EDT
    I would like our users to be able to share their photo albums publicly. Right now, they cannot. If they share the URL of an album to Facebook which presents the link and the album cover photo in the Facebook post, when they click on the URL they are prompted to login or create an account on our SE platform even though the SE album has privacy set to "everyone".
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    June 11, 2021 10:12 PM EDT
    I figured it out. It is just like the Blogs plug-in. If an Album is assigned to a network, it is no longer public.

    Scratching my head on this one. I wish there was an ability to make the album available to "PUBLIC" as a functonal pier to other networks so that non-members can see the album while only logged-in members see the album by associated network choice.
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    June 12, 2021 7:11 AM EDT

    Yes, networks are not able to be viewed by public (guest) users as they cannot have joined a network. What you are asking for doesn't make sense to me though. It cancels the privacy completely. Because, that content that you are hiding for logged in members per network would be available to non-logged in members. So for your scenario:

    1. Sally is a member of the Cat Network. As she isn't in the Dog network, when she is logged in, the content is filtered and she sees Cat network albums.

    2. Sally logs out and now she can see the Dog network content.

    With the above, the content isn't hidden from Sally at all. If she wants to see content she's not allowed to see, all she has to do is log out. With that in mind, there's no reason to use Networks as they are meant to give more privacy options. 

    Also, if your Dog members prefer that only Dog owners see Dog albums, by allowing public to view the Dog network, they aren't getting their private content private and they leave the site due to privacy concerns.

    The only solution I see to your concern is to:

    1. Allow admin to choose to let users select whether non-network members can view a public thumbnail of their album.

    2. Allow users to set a publicly viewed thumbnail.

    3. Allow users to choose who can view that thumbnail - guests, site members, friends, network members.

    Needs a lot more thought than the above but you get the idea perhaps from what I put.

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    June 12, 2021 12:32 PM EDT
    Thanks for your reply.

    I want "networks" to act as "opt-in content filters" of public and viewable private content and "groups" as the much more restrictive management of exclusive content.

    I want my members that are logged in to be able to filter what they see via "networks" at any time with membership to the site as the advantage to do so.

    Right now, Groups and Networks overlap and simply present confusion in site management for administration and overall for the members.
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    June 12, 2021 1:08 PM EDT
    To follow up a bit more on this, here is how I would like this to work.

    (Step 1) - When a member makes a post, creates an album or a blog entry that member chooses who can see the content as "everyone, friends, just me, etc" and then as (step 2) must- assign a network as the filter reference.

    The viewing member can filter the content via the networks if he/she has visibility via Step 1 first as defined by the posting member and Step 2 as second which is their choice and control.

    Does this make sense?