Spam and Banning

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    October 14, 2021 8:45 AM EDT

    Hei folks.

    Mikel here.

    My site is constantly being visited by a male Porn site. (webcam boys (.) online). There must be a link from this porn site to my site.

    Every day the 'Referral url' page is always having this porn site listed. I keep clearing page and later in the day or the next day its back again, day after day.


    Before i contact this site is there a way of preventing URLs from getting to my site ?.

    Ive put the IP address in my ip banning page but not stopping the problem.




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    October 14, 2021 10:03 AM EDT

    I had this issue on "that other script" that we both used before. It caused my site at that time to be banned from google as I could never find the content that was spamming. Come to find out, it was mobile posts. That script had a way for those to hide from view somehow. It was a bit odd. This script doesn't have that but I would suggest doing a google search for your site + the name of the other site. You may find there's a hidden spam post. I had found on my SE site that spammers were craftily hiding their spam links in various posts as links and IIRC there was something on their profile too. It's been a while since I found that issue and resolved it on my site with a lot of manual work and banning.

    A suggestion is to make links stand out very, very well. Maybe some very dark or bold font for the 

    <a href=""</a>

    Once you can find their hidden links, BOOM them to smithereens.

    Another thought is to ban their IP from your server entirely. Ric at BryZar may have some tips for that as the ISPmanager control panel has some great tools to use. 

    More than likely, this stuff is in google/bing search. I mean the bad linking. 

    If you have a competitor to your site, it can also be sabotage. Spammers can actually DDOS your site. It's a tool that I've seen employed before. In fact, the issue happened at "that other script's" community when I was part owner of the community way back when.

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    October 14, 2021 11:17 AM EDT

    Hei Donna


    I do believe the links relate to google search as google forms part of the entire URL referral. Im not seeing anything negative on my site. Its just like someone follows a link from one site to another site. They dont get in to my site. and they dont sign up or attempt to sign in.

    DDOS, well my biggest competitor is that other big social network   I must have them scared of my amazing site.


    Il get in contact with Google and Ric, see what help they can offer.