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    December 7, 2021 1:45 PM EST

    Hei Folks


    Following on from my 'Members Security' Requirements in regards to 'personal Data'.


    At the moment 'members personal data' is help on members pages (hiden from public view).


    However, This is still a data security risk.

    Looking at my Admin Level 'member statistics', the system gathers member info and displays the usual. IP, Type, profile views and other data.

    As i gather members personal residential / commercial addresses, contact details...
    (My site is a club with paid membership) and im trying to keep ahead of new incoming rules and government legislation that will require all social networks and clubs to gather such data) 


    I was hoping there can be a way to add my required info questions to this list. Though i think this is more technical than i am able to understand.


    So if there is a way of adding these questions that also requires the system to use the data from signup form.


    Hope this makes sense..



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    December 8, 2021 4:39 AM EST

    You'll need a customization. I recall another client having new members send them a pdf or other document with their info. Via a secure method. I'm not sure if that would satisfy the rules without having to do a source edit.

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    December 8, 2021 6:14 AM EST

    Hei Donna.


    As far as im told by the National Crime Agency and C.E.O.Ps (Uk), all details would have to be completed at point of registration / sign up. Otherwise Admin would have a high risk of incomplete or none valid registrations plus waiting for members to send pdf files.

    To be honest, i would not spend time joining a club then creating a pdf, then sending pdf to a club... ? If like me and most of my members, if signing up to anything took more than 2 minutes and have to send other details by other means, i would not join that club or anything .

    I would have lots of part complete registrations on my site. 


    I think it should be a SE security build update for a future V6.? update. As it is already partly built because we are already using it to show members IP, profile type, joined date, last login date and other info. 
    Im thinking maybe all it would need is just the questions and space for admin to input the data manually ourselves.

    questions like:
    Last email address, Members name / business name, Residential / commercial address, birth date, telephone, members secrete ID Password, Business registration ID number and TAX ID Number.


    Im sure the US will also be thinking or planning the similar requirements. I know Europe, Australia and New Zealand are planning the same legislation to combat online crime, fraud, terrorism, abuse, online child abuse, online gambling (in relation to debt crisis and financial crime) and Adult sites.. 


    Hope this helps, and if anyone else has ideas, please do share them.


    Thanks Donna