Tester for SE PHP

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    April 26, 2022 2:47 PM EDT


    I will be developing a SE project of decent size and are looking for an experienced tester to help me pinpoint developers in the right direction.


    You must have a very long experience of Social engine.


    Project start is around June- August, i think we can say it is in total 25-100  working hours, possible more, because you really need to go through all the plugins (like all from socialapptechs or socialnetworking solutions), plus changes of them and new development (especially market place functionality).


    Send me a PM with your hourly price and I will need to have references to earlier projects you worked with. This is a very important job role since you will be testing all the functionality of the website as an end user and as an admin.




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    April 27, 2022 6:05 AM EDT

    Hi! You may not want to rule out clients from testing your site. As they use the product, they would know how it should be working. Perhaps get feedback from clients who can show you their sites so you can see their site works fine as well. Hope that helps!