Use three types of Polls (Text Polls, Photo Polls and Photo with

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    December 13, 2022 6:43 AM EST


    Ultimate Polls Plugin allows you to get the opinion from your site members on different topics and can also conduct a survey to get feedback that will help you improve your website.

    Some Amazing Attributes on this plugins are-

    Poll Creation- Users can create polls by adding the title, categories and the type of the polls to be created. Users need to add at least 2 Poll options and can also set the closing time of the poll on the Poll creation page.


    Poll Profile - This page shows all the information related to the poll and allow members to vote.

    Browse Polls- All the approved polls on the site will be visible here and users can vote on the polls.

    My Polls- My Polls page contains all the created polls of the user and also allows users to close, edit, delete their polls.