BIG Data volumes

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    December 23, 2022 7:24 AM EST

    How do you handle big data volumes here?


    Videos is the toughest since you usually would need


    1. Script server

    2. Storage server

    3. Conversion server


    I know that SE probably do not support this setup from basic, and SE was never supposed to be a tube script.


    Still- what is best way to handle large databases? I will push away the tube side of things to a separate script (it is a must, SE and tube scripts have two different purposes). User databases will be shared via SSE for users.


    you who have bigger sites with +100 TB of data, how do you handle it?


    CDN is pretty nice overall like ucdn or storage with wasabi (dont like adult content though).

    Me  I am working with larger server for +40 TB for SE script and when that is not enough i most likely will USE UCDN who charges 19 USD per TB of storage and 4 USD TB per CDN streaming, it is pretty fair pricing.


    How do you guys who run bigger sites resolve above?

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    December 30, 2022 6:03 PM EST

    Find a conversion site that could help reduce the video file sizes to reduce storage? 

    I used to use for my images.