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    November 24, 2017 2:26 PM EST

    I do not think it's the only one that has problems with the SocialEngineAddons plugins. I've been months and months and months, with problems, problems and problems. And I can not get my page to work correctly.

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    November 24, 2017 2:48 PM EST

    What specifically are the issue(s)?  I have been using SEAO Plugins for over 2 years (almost all of them) and although there are issues, SEAO resolves them (maybe not as quickly as I'd like, but they resolve them).


    From my experience, SEAO not only has the most extensive list of Plugins, but also the most extensive list of Integrated Plugins.  They also regularly update their Plugins (fixes and new features).  I mention this because there are other 3PDs that haven't added 1 feature to their Plugin for a year or two (or more).  These other 3PD Plugins also don't integrate with much if anything at all.  I mention that because complexity, a wealth of features/functionality, regular/ongoing upgrades and implementation of new features/functionality all run the risk of new issues arrising (or sometimes even old ones returning).  This isn't to forgive SEAO specifically, but to forgive any 3PD that does all of this in an attempt to benefit us ADMINs.  Although I don't like to wait while issues get fixed, I'd much rather have Plugins that include new features/functionality as time goes on.  SEAO also is very willing to customize their Plugins (which I've done many times - some only an hour or two, others 20+). 


    There are some great 3PDs here.  The only 3PD/Plugins I've had lots of issues with are those that provide a lot of functionality/features and update often.  SE is basically the same in this regard - how quickly did we have 01/02/03/04 revisions to 4.09.04 as well as patches all in just a few months?  That was a nightmare on my Dev site, but it's the price to pay for what we're using. 


    I'm sure SEAO as well as the community here will be happy to help you resolve some issues, but we need to know what they are (specifically, similar to a bug report for SE) in order to help.  Looking forward to more input so we can help out

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    November 24, 2017 3:07 PM EST

    Hello Angar, I know you are very frustrated. We are glad we could help you with your other issue in our support desk and that our core developer was able to pinpoint the issue with the SEAO plugin for you to let them know to resolve it in your database. We are sure they will assist you and if you remind me to look at this (on Monday), I'll send a note to our contact there as well. 

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    November 25, 2017 6:13 AM EST


    I have been using SEAO plugins since 2013, as well as its support service. I have had plugins from other developers too.

    I wanted to "improve" my site about six months ago and I have acquired new plugins, in total I have 15 plugins plus the template. As you say you have "the most extensive list of them."

    I have been encountering problems in ALL the plugins acquired, most of them I think due to lack of update. They have gone half-way as you say "not as fast as I would like". Perhaps also that lack of update is due to the speed with which SE has made updates in their versions.

    Every time I have added a new plugin, the site has had problems several days, or weeks.

    I uninstalled plugins from other developers that worked perfectly in case there was any incompatibility with the SEAO plugins. And I've acquired similar SEAO plugins to avoid those incompatibilities.

    For example, the Member Finder plugin, had one of SupurIT that worked perfectly and changed it to one of SEAO that does not work and there is no way to work and it has been installed for 2 months.

    Currently my site is a house of cards, every time an update of SEAO appears I make the corresponding download and update them thinking that the situation will improve and I'm wrong, the situation gets worse.

    In fact I acquired the template "Atlas" of SE and it was a disaster, so I went back to the Grid Red and lost the amount of the template because I saw that it was incompatible with the SEAO plugins.

    I decided then to acquire a SEAO template to be compatible with the SEAO plugins and I acquired the Responsive Captivate template at Ritu's recommendation and it was another real disaster. I tried to go back to Grid Red and this was no longer possible, the modifications made by the installation of the SEAO template no longer allowed me to see the Grid Red template.

    I went back to the Responsive Captivate template and tried to get it going.

    Finding in this work a general update of SEAO plugins, I thought that finally everything would work perfectly and I updated all the plugins.

    Well ... now they all give problems, there is not a single one that does not have problems.

    I write to SEAO, I have contracted the PLAN PLUS of support and the answers are always the same ... "we will refine it", "patience", "we do not understand what he wants to tell us", etc.

    The last of the answers to do nothing is that they could not access the web because the IP was blocked. Yes, the server blocked the IP after repeated attempts to access Cpanel with the wrong password.

    It is easy to ask PATIENCE, it is easy to say "WE WILL DETER IT", and go to bed so calm.

    After all, he is one more client.

    But for me that my economic sustenance depends on the operation of my site, going to bed is a real ordeal.

    Round and round in my head to see what I can do with my limited knowledge to make the site work.

    I get out of bed and go around and see what can be done. I have been sleeping for 3 or 4 hours maximum for many months. Trying to find solutions.

    A weekend comes and they do not work, I do, I work in the activity that gives me food and I'm also with the web trying to make it work.

    They arrive vacations, they leave and they do not answer. I keep working on my usual activity and on the web, trying to make it work. I work every day, I have no vacation and no rest for a single day 6 years. But I still have patience, and little. Those of SEAO keep asking me for patience, but there is little left.

    There are many times when I think about throwing in the towel, removing the site and opening a group on Facebook and moving my clients in that group. Others I think about removing all SEAO plugins and leaving SE without third-party plugins.

    Patience, the patience that those of SEAO ask me, there is little left.

    Note: All this now the Google translator will translate it as you want and possibly nothing will be understood of what I'm trying to say. But I have no other way of expressing myself.

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    November 25, 2017 6:24 AM EST


    I'm glad I found you and that you care about my problem. Believe me, you have restored hope to move the project forward.

    If the problem you have found you can communicate to SEAO I would appreciate it, they will not understand me or they will continue to ask me for more patience.

    I thank you again, thank you very much for the interest that you are taking

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    November 25, 2017 3:17 PM EST


    Thanks for sharing more details (google translator did a good job too).  I understand what you're going through, and am glad that Donna/SE has stepped in to help.  SEAO may be very slow to resolve issues at times, but hopefully they'll help you as they have me over the years.  Wishing you and your site/business much success

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    November 27, 2017 4:58 AM EST

    Just checking to see if there's been any improvement on this before we send them a message.

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    November 27, 2017 6:03 AM EST

    Answer SEAO:

    -The history of the Wall has been lost >> We are working on this issue

    -The panoramic photo of the events is not displayed. >> Resolved

    -Verifications can not be read >> We are working on this issue

    -Advanced member search does not work >> We are working on this issue

    -Gif photos of Connected Members are not displayed or have been lost. >> We are sorry to say but,we didn't get this issue.

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    November 27, 2017 6:05 AM EST

    I'm glad they are working on things for you. I wonder how things were lost but it's good they are working on it.

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    November 27, 2017 6:13 AM EST

    Things were lost in the last update of plugins.

    The sentence: "I am working on this issue" and I have received several times, just missing the sentence saying "be patient."

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    November 27, 2017 6:15 AM EST

    Ok we will monitor this issue here as we did send them a link to this post via a PM message here. We can email them directly if needed but prefer to see if this resolves first. I hope it does.

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    November 27, 2017 12:18 PM EST


    I do not know if Khushboo told you something about the problem of deleting profiles. He sent me this email.

    I did not explain to SEAO where the problem is. Can you explain it to you?


    Khushboo replied:

    Hello Anselmo,

    Regarding "but the user who tried to erase and could not, I still can not erase it.":

    Our developer check this again and found that the user is not being deleted because of the fixes that SocialEngineAddOns had done at your site. They roughly deleted some values ​​from 'activity_actions' table because of which activities were deleted however, the corresponding likes and comments were not deleted. Because of this some inconsistencies have occured in the database which is causing the issue in user deletion.

    So this would need to be checked by SocialEngineAddOns. Please contact them regarding this and they will help you in fixing this issue. If they are not able to do so, please let us know. Please let us know in case you need anything else, we're glad to help.



    SocialEngine Support

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    November 27, 2017 12:46 PM EST

    Did you send them that information? I suggest just to copy and paste what we said in support as they do need to fix this. Let me know if they don't respond or don't fix it. We will then have to contact them but we try not to have to do that.

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    November 27, 2017 12:47 PM EST

    It shows the table that they need to fix, 'activity_actions' and that they didn't delete the likes and comments that went to some feeds.

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    November 27, 2017 3:03 PM EST
    You will send them a copy and paste right now
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    November 27, 2017 3:35 PM EST



    Have to tried installing the full site on a subdomain and testing the new plugins there before you apply them to the actual running site?

    You can add a subdomain to your key in SEAO.

    If I update, every time I find errors too, but the seem to help rather fast. They must know me by now 

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    November 27, 2017 3:51 PM EST
    Possiblelmete is something that I could have done and that I have not done.
    I do not know how to do it either.
    Maybe I will.
    My problem now is that the site works.
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    November 27, 2017 6:55 PM EST

    Yes, as Maurits said, in the future use a Dev site initially to test things.


    I don't know how to clone my site either, but Fastcomet does it for me when needed.  I use a subfolder below the primary domain, but a sub-domain works of course too.


    Regular (at least daily) backups (preferably both on and off site) are a necessity.  Plus additional backups prior to performing Plugin updates.


    Although I use a cPanel/WHM backup app (plus the Host performs backups as part of my VPS Plan), I recently purchased SEAO's Backup/Restore Plugin, but haven't yet made the time to test.  I realize that now is not the time to recommend an SEAO product to uou, so consider this just info, not a recommendation


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    November 27, 2017 7:36 PM EST


    If it works now, make a good backup, easiest way:

    Login into your cpanel, go to file manager. If you run the site in the main folder, if not go into your subfolder, select(highlight) all files and hit compress, at the bottom of the popup you can rename the file "/public_html/ download this file and also move it to a folder other than public_html/ 

    You can create a folder in / call it "backups" and MOVE the full compressed "" into this newly created folder.

    Before you do any updates of plugins: go into cpanel, goto file manager, select the folder applications and hit compress, (all files and subfolders will be compressed into a zip file)

    Leave this "applications backup-file" in the public_html. Then install/upgrade the plugins.

    If the plugins are not working correctly after update, you can extract the backup file and all old plugins are back to how it was before the update.

    If the plugins are working OK then move the "application backup file" to the /backup folder too


    Creating a subdomain is easy:

    Go into your cpanel

    In the search bar type "sub" and subdomains will pop up, click on it.

    Type in "site2" by subdomain ( so it will be

    In Document Root: /public_html/site2 


    As you have done the steps above with the full site backup COPY the /public_html/ to the /public_html/site2 folder

    Decompress the /public_html/site2/

    (The MOD's for the files and folders should be correct as it is an exact copy of the full site.)

    DO NOT use the SE PHP install procedure, as it will corrupt the database (I had it, corrupted and had to put a MySQL backup back)

    Edit the database-file settings: /application/settings/database.php

    If the site gives an error: this could be the caching. This can be resolved by renaming the /application/settings/cache.php to /application/settings/cache.php-old

    Then make a copy of the /application/settings/cache.sample.php to /application/settings/cache.php (this will set the caching into file-caching mode again which any server can handle)

    The site should connect to the database again and start.

    Then you have login to SEAO account and add the subdomain to the licence keys:

    My account - > files -> view licence -> click little spanner (Configure a Development Sub-domain License) this has to be done for each plugin.


    Login to your site ( as admin, go to each plugin and enter the new subdomain license key.


    If it looks like your site is rewriting yout to; rename the .htaccess files for both sites and use the latest .htaccess files from SE PHP, you can get them from extracting the latest version from their website and upload them to both and

    Some .htaccess files will rewrite the URL to




    The SEAO backup - plugin;

    Nice feature, but has its problems!

    It will backup the database in stages, which it will show and completes it. When it goes for the file-backup it gives a time-out and cancels the files-backup procedure so there is no backup of your files. (My files and folders are about 2.5G in size)

    I have created a daily cron job to backup the files and I use SEAO Backup for the MySQL Backup.


    I am only testing everything before I go live with my site (just in case) so far everything seems to work OK on the SEAO plugins. Had to rewrite/customise loads of the CSS. Next step for me is the SEAO Market Place, that will be fun

    As with SE PHP if you add a body:background-image some pop-up boxes don't have a background colour which is annoying as it just shows the background image, so text is not readable. 



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    November 27, 2017 8:30 PM EST


    Thanks for the helpful info.


    Re SEAO B/R Plugin:

    Are you using the old one from 2015 or the new one from a few wks ago?

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    November 28, 2017 4:04 AM EST

    No, the site does not work right now. The Google translator has changed the meaning of the phrase again.

    The site has many problems and it does not make much sense to make a backup right now.

    I have a full copy saved from months ago where I had fewer problems than now, but I also had them.

    If I am forced to restore it, the problem is that I will lose some new users, photographs, etc. T

    oday I saw updates of SEAO plugins, I thought something would be fixed, but no, nothing was fixed.

    They do not even answer the tickets.

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    November 28, 2017 4:57 AM EST

    The cloning tips are good and thanks for that but please remember to follow the license terms or you can get your license revoked. The terms do say that the development site cannot be accessible to the public so make your development clone private by password protecting that folder. 

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    November 28, 2017 4:58 AM EST
    ANGAR said:

    No, the site does not work right now. The Google translator has changed the meaning of the phrase again.

    The site has many problems and it does not make much sense to make a backup right now.

    I have a full copy saved from months ago where I had fewer problems than now, but I also had them.

    If I am forced to restore it, the problem is that I will lose some new users, photographs, etc. T

    oday I saw updates of SEAO plugins, I thought something would be fixed, but no, nothing was fixed.

    They do not even answer the tickets.

    I will raise this issue with our management and with SEAO.

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    November 28, 2017 7:34 AM EST

    @ GS,

    I am using the latest version "SEAO Backup and Restore 4.9.1" 

    I reckon it can only handle the php/css/txt files and the directory structure. With the actual user data stored on Amazon s3 and not stored within the public folder.

    So the actual user data is not backed up. The only way around this is to use a cron job to backup(zip) all data (*.*) stored in /public_html/


    It might be just my server as it is only a development server Cloud VPS. When I am actually going to launch the site I will upgrade to the next level server.

    But just keep an eye on the SEAO Backup & Restore

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    November 28, 2017 7:47 AM EST


    You must make backups every day from your database and all files! Even if it does not make sense.

    I keep my backups for a minimum of 3 days.

    This way you can always restore your database and the public folder and other files