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New Products in Certified Marketplace W.E. January 12 2018

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    January 12, 2018 5:43 AM EST

    We hit the jackpot this week! 

    Here's what's new in the Certified Marketplace as of January 12 2018.

    Please note that images were resized for this forum and may be a bit distorted. It's best to view each plugin to see the actual images.

    Email Single Member - by SocialEngine Mobi

    Sometimes we're not sure if systems that send emails to all members properly. Sometimes we just need to test our email campaign one time with our own email. We created this handy plugin that will allow you to simplify testing of email queues.

    Member Profile Short & Custom URL - by SocialEngineAddOns

    Member Profile Short & Custom URL Plugin is a must-have plugin for SocialEngine based websites. It helps you to create a short version of the user profile URL that is easy to remember for users to directly access their profile. Long URLs can be hard to pronounce and impossible to remember. Our plugin fixes that by creating a memorable, custom URL without altering anything else on your website.

    Member Avatars Plugin with Initials - by SocialEngineAddOns

    Member Avatars Plugin with Initials is a powerful tool for SocialEngine based websites to attractively display Avatar initials where the users who skip or miss out uploading profile images during sign-up will be represented across the platform with their name initials. Using initials is a good way to provide identifying information for users when no profile image is present; with SocialEngineAddOns Member Avatars Plugin with Initials, the website Admin can showcase pairing initials with an attractive font style, font color, font size and unique background color can help visually organize comment threads at a glance and also provide extra context as to who is commenting on the post.

    Minify Plugin - Speed up your Website - by SocialEngineAddOns

    Minify plugin combines and cache your multiple JS and CSS files to improve the page load time. It responses you with the best results, knowing the importance of your crucial files, their sequence and reliance on each other. It will pass your website on all performance parameters i.e load handling capacity, speed, lesser JS and CSS callings, lesser HTTP requests, by returning a consolidated code, removing re-written codes and unnecessary spaces & comments in a zip format to website’s cache header.

    Page Cache Plugin - by SocialEngineAddOns

    Speed is the most important parameter to rate the performance of any website. Less page load time attracts more number of visitors and hence multiply the business revenue. There are many ways to increase the speed of your website but caching is the most common one. So here is “Page Cache Plugin-Speed up your Website” which will improve page load speed, reduce server load and results in higher search rankings.