Paid networks

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    February 7, 2018 11:54 AM EST

    Title: Networks - Add paid networks

    Description: Networks are great but we need an improvement to them. Currently, you can join networks, have users join automatic through a profile question and the site admin can add networks to users. But in a branded social community sometimes 'premium' content is needed. People can subscribe to a 'higher' level to gain acces to networks of their interest that have premium content.

    This request >is to add networks to subscription plans. So published content, events, video's etc.. to specific networks are only able to viewed by paying members. You should also be able to add multiple networks to a subscription plan.

    This would benefit a great deal of branded social networks publishing expensive content for their members along with user generated content among members.

    Thanks for considering my request!

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    June 28, 2018 3:49 AM EDT

    I like the idea. I just don't know if there's much engagement or informative incentives for users to join a paid network or get access to it. Unless you couldn't post unless you became a member of a network. that might work. But you'd need profile integration to make that a possibility. then limit the users ability to edit that profile question unless they paid to change network status.