SocialEngine PHP 4.10.1 Released!

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    February 28, 2018 8:39 AM EST

    SocialEngine PHP 4.10.1 is a maintenance release that addresses a few issues reported by clients or found by our staff.

    Following is a list of fixes in this release:

    • Fixed - Profile Type duplication issue if client accidentally clicks “Submit” more than once.
    • Fixed - Facebook and Twitter share were showing in private messages.
    • Fixed - Error for Events and Groups member level settings for “Public” member level.
    • Fixed - Install not working on database on separate server with different port.
    • Fixed - Notifications not showing for private messages when emailed notifications are disabled.
    • Fixed - Theme Chooser title “Themes” was not translatable.
    • Fixed - Text in message and status post was not able to be highlighted to edit.

    Atlas Update:

    The official SocialEngine responsive theme, Atlas, has received some more attention with additional fixes.

    More details will be in our blog today. Just posting this now for those that needed the maintenance release.

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    February 28, 2018 1:21 PM EST

    Update with a link to the blog. . changelog is linked in the blog.