Custom work for video upload

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    May 14, 2018 11:17 AM EDT

    HI everybody

    I have purchase the activity feed plugin from seao and seems to work fine.

    But i want some custom work on their plugin and they are coming back to me to buy their advance video plugin witch is fine with me but still will need some work.

    I dont want to buy the advance video control and be told after thats the cusotm work cannot be done.

    Here it is :

    I dont want the users to upload any videos, I only want them to be able to s embed iframes codes from videos source as youtube, vimeo, dailymoitn, porn sites, etc

    attached is a screen capture form the  activity post plugin.

    When saving if possible the server should be able to fetch title and description from the source, 

    Same thing for the video upload dashboard, just a an input box to enter t the embed

    Is there any one available to do this ?

    I am in newyork time i would much prefer having somehelp form someone in the same time or not 13 hours from it !


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    May 14, 2018 7:54 PM EDT

    ==> '...I dont want the users to upload any videos...'

    You don't have to actually upload, unless you allow that option (ex. from your PC).  SEAO seems to use the term 'upload' when vimeo, youtube, dailymotion, and URL options are actually links.


    Each video source is selectable by ML (I know this because I paid for this customization that they now provide to everyone).


    I only mention the above in case 'uploading' is what you don't want.  But if you're looking to embed (as per your other requirements) then the above doesn't help.


    Other than time zone, is there a reason you want somrone other than the Plugin Dev to perform the customization?  


    Also, @Donna may move this to 3PD discussions since it's a customization request and may be more likely to be seen by 3PDs.