New Products in Certified Marketplace W.E. May 25 2018

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    May 28, 2018 6:45 AM EDT

    Here's what's new in the Certified Marketplace as of May 18, 2018.

    Professional GDPR Plugin by SocialEngineSolutions

    Professional GDPR plugin for SocialEngine website is a compliance toolkit to help your SocialEngine website comply with each aspect of the new European GDPR. This plugin provides your website with robust privacy dashboard where users of your website can easily Accept consents, Withdraw consents, Opt Out and from other 3rd party services used no your website from their respective websites, make requests to Data Protection Officer, for Subject Access Request, Unsubscribe Requests, Forget and Erasure Requests.


    Step by Step Webpage Tour by SocialEngineSolutions

    Step by Step Webpage Introduction Tour Plugin is the best product to explain new and complex features of your website to your users in step by step tips and navigation. Using this plugin, you can easily highlight newly introduced features of your website. You can also explain any complex features of your website to you users with the explanatory tour tips with suitable titles and descriptions.


    Professional Music Plugin by SocialEngineSolutions

    Professional Music Plugin is the best plugin as it offers your users the flexibility and creativity to create their own music albums, upload songs, rate music albums songs, create playlists on your website in the way they want and much more!


    GDPR Compliance Plugin by SocialEngineAddOns

    This plugin gives your website a Privacy Center page comprising of many options for the users like Approve Consents, Reject / Withdraw Consents, Edit Consents, etc. Also, users can send requests to contact Data Protection Officer (DPO), apply for data records, unsubscribe from various emails and abolishment of their data.


    Affinity Theme by Pixythemes

    The layout is wonderfully optimized to adapt on any device, it will conform to your user's screen, creating the most intuitive browsing experience.