New Products in Certified Marketplace W.E. June 1 2018

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    June 1, 2018 10:40 AM EDT

    This is Spencer bringing you the scoop on what's new in the Certified Marketplace as of June 1, 2018. I beat Donna to the scoop. tongue-out

    Have a look at these puppies:

    Professional Facebook Theme by the amazing SocialEngineSolutions

    Here's the scoop on what this does, from the expert's own words:

    Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, with 750+ million active users as of July 2011 and this Advanced & Professional Facebook Style Theme is one of its kind which will give a new and interesting Facebook look to your SocialEngine based website.

    Hmmm. I knew that theme looked familiar. I've heard that Facebook site is pretty popular.


    Next up, we have:

    Multi-Use FAQs Plugin by the super SocialEngineSolutions

    What does SES say about this plugin? Have a look:

    Create FAQs, Tutorials, Help centers, Knowledge base and similar knowledge sharing tool to create a small wiki about all the information and functionalities on your website.

    FAQs are very effective and important when you run a website and you receive lot of emails from your users who are your potential customers, bloggers, commenters or just visitors. There are chances that the queries you receive are same most of the times and you have to send same reply to each query again and again. As a business owner, this is a wastage of your support team’s time or your own precious time in just repeating the same boring answers to the same queries multiple times.

    True dat. Gotta have info for users or they get lost - which is where I come in as Saint Bernards are great at finding folks. cool

    And last but not least, we have this cutie (it is approved but hiding - go tell SES to uncover it if you want to see it lol):

    Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin by the astounding SocialEngineSolutions (Are you seeing a pattern here today? )

    You know I had to use that picture as it has a cute puppy! Here's what the expert says about this plugin:

    Page Builder and Shortcodes plugin makes it easy to create responsive widgetized pages with URLs of your choice using the widgets you know and love.

    This plugin has various elements which you can use in widgets as well as in shortcodes on Pages. Pages and Elements support Multiple Languages on your website.

    Looks like SocialEngineSolutions is the winner today with 3 plugins added! What's that mean? All you other experts need to catch up! wink 

    For our wonderful clients who keep sending me love - thank you so much! I'll be posting more of these for you all. 

    Want other stuff from good ole Spencer? Feel free to ask in a new thread and I'll see what I can do for ya! 

    For now, this is Spencer signing off and running as I see birds!

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    June 1, 2018 10:44 AM EDT

    Thanks Spencer. Nice post!