Restricting Visibility of Group Members to Public

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    June 8, 2018 5:45 PM EDT


    Is it possible, for an admin to have a group where ONLY members are restricted from being viewed by the public (everyone).


    Just like facebook has  a "secret" group.


    Right now its an all or nothing situation,


    If "View Privacy" is restricted to All Registered Members.

    The tabs of Video, Music , Events etc > All get restricted to the public.


    Would be great if an admin of a group can ONLY restrict the visibility of its members to the public(Everyone). Rest of the features like video,music etc should be visible to the public.


    Is this possible?

    Thanks ~~


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  • gs
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    June 8, 2018 8:34 PM EDT

    I use a 3PD Group Plugin instead of stock SE, so if SE Groups works like mine by using a Tab to display Group Members, then this solution might work for you.


    First, am I understanding your scenario correctly: You want the Public ML to see everything about the group except for the Group Members?  Using the below Plugin by Web80, you could create 2 Tab Containers (or Advanced Tab Containers as Web80 calls them) - one for ML = Public (which does not include the Group Members Tab), and one for all other MLs except Public (which includes all the same Tabs plus the Group Members Tab).  


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    June 9, 2018 3:15 AM EDT

     Thanks gs, yes - that exactly is the scenario. 

    I did install it to test it , It is a good solution,

    but we could not use it cause it messed up the tabs on our page.

    We have a number of other tabs besides "members".

    We use a TAb container and after trying various things like Tab Container into Advanced Tab Container - vice versa,

    could not get the tabs to show up correctly on the page.



    It might be due to us using all SEAO plugins - which might not work with it.


    Thanks for the suggestion. Could definitely use it in the future on other pages.


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  • gs
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    June 9, 2018 3:43 AM EDT
    Hmmm... I'm not experiencing that issue and I use many SEAO Plugins. Rather than Nested Containers, have you tried just 2 separate containers (not nested/inside another)?

    Also, I thought you were using SE Group, but are you using SEAO G/C Plugin? What page in LE are you configuring the tabs on?.
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    June 9, 2018 3:44 AM EDT
    BTW - I'm still on SE 4.09.04p4 not 4.10.*
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    June 9, 2018 3:54 AM EDT

    I'm on 4.10

    We are using Directory / Pages (SEAO) ., Its the exact same thing as Groups / Community (at least thats what weve been told )

    Page : Page Profile  

    Tab Container.

    Widget : Page Profile Members


    If we have 2 separate containers one after the other, it would not show up correctly in the tabs on the page.



     I'm gonna test it again as you suggested.


    Remove the stock TAB Container.

    Place all the widgets below (tabs) except Page Profile Members in the Advanced Tab Container 1

    Place all the widgets (tabs) including Page Profile Members in the Advanced Tab Container 2

    Place the containers one after the other.


    Thanks for your time..~



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    June 9, 2018 4:04 AM EDT

    The Tabs disappear for both the logged in user and public view, when We use the Advanced Tab Container

    Im guessing it doesnt work with either the Advanced Menu plugin or Directory Pages (SEAO)


    Oh wellat least we tried.


    Maybe a workaround would be to create a new page (give it it logged in users permission only) and put the Members Widget in that page .

    That way, the logged in user can only manage / view his members.




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  • gs
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    June 9, 2018 4:08 AM EDT
    You're welcome

    Ah yes - I've stared at that page in LE for many hrs (along with their G/C and Dir/Business Profile pages).

    Once you do as you mentioned, please remember to make the appropriate ML settings in each of the two Web80 Adv Tab Container so that only 1 of the containers will be valid for any User (I've experienced 2 sets of non-Web80 Tab Containers display properly on some Profile Pages but not on others, so maybe it was the nesting, or possibly attempting to display 2 containers instead of 1).
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    June 9, 2018 4:13 AM EDT
    (your post hit b4 mine did)

    Ah - thx 4 the screenshot. Your workaround sounds like it should work, but maybe try one more thing. This might not be working due to your configuration of Inside Tabs (which I think typically look better) instead of Outside Tabs. I can't recall where the setting is (and I'm using a 6 yr old Droid4 phone right now instead of my PC), so hopefully you can find it.

    Is SEAO's Cover Photo at the top of your page (I can barely see the bottom of something in your LE screenshot, but the live output screenshot looks like the Cover Photo Plugin)?
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    June 9, 2018 4:23 AM EDT

    Ha ! yes Im doing the long stare at those pages too for the last 3 months...

    and the "accordion scroll" , lose widget, find again and repeat. ha ha 

    Its hypnotizing)) NOT>


    You are right on, we prefer the inside tabs - and thats what we are using.

    Its not working with the inside tabs.


    Yes, thats a SEAO cover Photo on the top with an inside tab template.


    Will mess with the outside tabs . Thanks !

    Your experience is very much appreciated~~~!

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    June 9, 2018 4:27 AM EDT
    It could be an incompatibility with the Cover Photo Tabs instead of 'regular'/standard Tabs, but I could swear that I have this working with Outside Tabs. I apologize for not being able to test myself right now
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    June 9, 2018 4:38 AM EDT

    Tried every combination with "Content Cover Photo & information"

    also the outside tabs. It gives all sorts of undesired results

    - like sometimes the tabs disappear, sometimes they all appear vertical etc.

    No luck.

    No worries !I will give this  a rest for tonite and try it tomorrow witha fresh mind..


    Thanks again !!!

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    June 9, 2018 5:05 AM EDT

    The Advanced Container Tab works well with workaround on The Page Members Home & Page Members Browse

    It hides it perfectly from the public view, but gives the logged in user access.


    Think this will do for now



    Thank you so much GS!~!
    Gnighty ~~

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    June 9, 2018 5:21 AM EDT

    This really belongs in the 3rd party area. Is it ok to move it there? Good post btw.

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    June 9, 2018 6:02 AM EDT

    Sure Donna ! thanks ~~

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    June 9, 2018 7:17 AM EDT

    In summary, I hope this could be resolved in the future by SE and/or other 3DPs.

    Theres a gaping hole with privacy of members on pages and groups that needs to be fixed.


    The "View Privacy" of a Page/Group affects the whole Tab Container.

    Its an all or nothing situation.

    It should be granular to each widget in the tab container.


    Specially with today's backdrop of privacy issues ,

    Admins of pages or groups need to control what content of each tab is displayed (view) to

    - public /everyone

    - other registered members of the site.

    - page/group members only.


    Would be great if :-

    Each and Every widget in a Tab Container (Each and Every Tab On a Page) could have

     its own independent View Privacy settings.



    This would help make a page / group's contents displayed the way the page/group owner desires.

    He could have example:

    videos viewable to everyone (public)

    music viewable to everyone (public)

    but members only viewable to himself (not even other registered members )


    This would help also encourage him to give out  his page / group url for marketing

    as he would have total control over every tab's content .

    - to public

    - to registered users

    - to his own members


    Currently if he has "View Privacy" set to "Page Members Only"

    His whole page/group is blocked off - with just the info tab displayed.

    This is an extreme way as its based on the tab widget container and not each widget.


     Would be even more awesome, if the whole member management of a page or group 

    had its own page or section so admins can totally Control AND MANAGE members information independently.


    all Features like below could be into One Member Management section.

    - Page/Group Member Quota management

    - Page/Group Member Notifications/Messaging

    - Page/Group Member Info Display

    - Page/Group Member Roles

    -Page/Group Member Reports

    Hope this helps & someone feels inclined to fix it.

    Thanks !



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    June 9, 2018 7:30 AM EDT
    So, what was your workaround - a new page?
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    June 9, 2018 7:37 AM EDT


    The Advanced Tab did not accomplish what we were trying to do unfortunately,

    which is 

    >>> For every page/group an admin could 

    hide -       "hide" the members info from public/everyone AND other registered members,

    display -    while keeping the other tabs (video,music etc..) displayed to everyone.


    The "Page Profile Members" widget does not work effectively/correctly  on any other page other than "Page Profile" unfortunately.

    hence,  the Advanced Tab Container could not encapsulate and work with the widget on a new page.


    But It can be used for another purpose on the "Browse Members" and "Page Member's Home "

    We used it to block any information of a member from being displayed to the public/everyone.



    the middle column contains members info which is blocked from being displayed to the public.

    so is it blocked here.


    Ideally, the admin should have the ability to block all registered members too from gaining member info.

    just like facebooks secret group - which only shows a vague "number of members" but does not give any member info outside


    Thanks for the tip and help !




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    June 9, 2018 5:27 PM EDT

    Ah - makes sense that 'Profile' widgets only work on Profile pages - forgot about that.  I guess I was expecting a copy of a Profile Page to still 'know' it was a Profile Page.


    There's an FR I was considering creating which incorporates what this Web80 widget does, by allowing ML multi-select for any widget (SE and 3PD).  Other possible settings could include Profile Type, Network, etc.



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    June 9, 2018 5:45 PM EDT

    That would be really cool and helpful .

    The Web80 widget works solidly , had no issues with it.

    Expanding to Profile,Network,Registered Members would be quite powerful.


    They would have to I guess figure out UI issues with Advanced Menu , Themes etc..

    for compatibility.



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  • gs
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    June 9, 2018 6:18 PM EDT

    ==> '...

    They would have to I guess figure out UI issues with Advanced Menu , Themes etc..for compatibility....'

    That's the beauty of this - it would be an FR for SE, so other 3PD products would have to work with it since it would be part of SE.

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    June 9, 2018 7:05 PM EDT


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    June 9, 2018 9:03 PM EDT

    Gs ,

    we are finding that we are using Web80's Advanced Container more and more.

    We had no idea that a lot of the widgets on pages are shown to the public by default.

    Using the Advanced container at least prevents stuff - like editors info..-  from not being showed to the public.

    Its proving to be a very valuable tool for temporary workarounds.

    Thank so much for this tip.


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  • gs
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    June 9, 2018 9:11 PM EDT

    You're welcome.  It's a very valuable/useful Plugin.  Just wish they'd start charging for it (I felt so guilty about this that I sent them $25 for coffee money).  And due to the Marketplace no longer allowing non-certified, it will be almost impossible to find out about so many useful Plugins until 3PDs get them all certified

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    June 9, 2018 9:20 PM EDT


    Yeah they should get certified.

    to be honest, when I went first to their site - it seemed code scary.

    They need to get their branding , documentation, website together


    Then people will trust it more - vs word of mouth.

    I hear you.