New Products in Certified Marketplace W.E. August 17 2018

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    August 17, 2018 6:43 AM EDT

    Howdy Doody folks! Guess what I've got for ya? No, not a bone but that does sound good! I've got some more great new finds in the Certified Marketplace for this week! Here we go!!!

    Gee, the incredible iPragmatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is on a roll! Have a look:

    SSO Plugin for multiple communities

    Allows your users to automatically signup/login from one site to other website


    And now we have the phenomenal WebHive with a fantastic plugin with Honey. I love Honey!! YUM!

    Honeypot (anti-spam)

    Honeypot plugin saves SocialEngine communities from spam bot signups.


    That's it for this week but it sure was fun. cool