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Create Meta Editor

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    July 23, 2017 3:03 AM EDT

    (Thanks for reporting an issue! Please make sure you click the link above to view the issue guidelines, then fill out the blanks below.)
    What are the steps to reproduce this issue?
    1. … Go to the admin panel.
    2. … Click on appearance.
    3. … Notice the existing menu items. Then look at the last two words in the title of this post. Imagine seeing that item listed in that menu.
    What happens?
    … Meta information cannot be edited. It's display, such as post time, post date, number of views, position of items in a template, is found in .tpl files yet it cannot be adjusted at all.
    What were you expecting to happen?
    … Everything in a .tpl file to be draggable on a per page basis in the order of your choosing.
    Any logs, error output, etc?
    (If it’s long, please paste to and insert the link here.)
    Paste Log Here
    Any other comments?
    … No comments.
    What versions of software are you using?
    Operating System: … Cloud Linux Offered By Name Cheap Shared Hosting - php7.1 Most Extensions Enabled accept Source Guardian see for details
    SocialEngine PHP Version: … 4.9.2p1 with all up to date plugins latest oldest version being 4.9.1