How do I change the text Color on the forums catagegory page

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    November 25, 2020 4:21 AM EST
    When I am on the forums page it's all red and white. All the forum topics are red. I want them to be white or some other normal color. It's like this is made to need to be edited and I don't want to have to hire a pro. Sometimes I feel like this is all made just so you hit something like this that has to be fixed and then the experts start milking you instead of someone telling you how to do it. So, this looks like the kind of group to do this and not tell us to hire someone.
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    November 30, 2020 8:37 AM EST
    Hi! I assure you it isn't made with the intent to drive sales for custom work. It is made to be a base to start with and we have so many different types of client sites, we cannot make something that will 100% work for everyone so we start with a base and you take it from there. Here are some tips: The theme has various style settings, and if those don't work the way you want, you can always use inspect element to find the CSS for exactly what you want to change and then make a clone theme and add it to the theme.css in admin panel, . Remember though, when changing anything in the Serenity theme, put it in development mode and then disable development mode once done so that you can see your changes. If it didn't work to change it in the Serenity settings first, or if you only want it changed in the forum or specific pages, then the steps are: 1. Make a clone theme (very easy to do by following that link I sent for the theme editor) 2. In that cloned theme in the theme.css in admin, add that code you found but make sure it's got a closing bracket and add it to the bottom of the theme.css. Save it and clear cache. You would change the color how you want it. This has the closing bracket.
    ul.forum_topics .forum_topics_title h3>a {
    3. Put the site in Development mode which clears all caches and then put the site in Production mode. 4. Check the site in two browsers, the one you are already in, and a different one just to be sure browser cache isn't interfering. If you already see the change, you don't have to check in two browsers but I found out the hard way long ago that Chrome doesn't show colors in the same way that Firefox does. So, a nice antique white might look good in one browser but be an ugly yellowish color in another one. Also, use the free tool for checking for accessibility as color blind folks cannot read anything if it is not contrasted enough and falls within their spectrum and there are many different types of color blind spectrums. I use the free WAVE tool. Though I hadn't used it again on this site and I should do that.