The Ultimate Checklist for a Successful Website Launch!

  • February 19, 2021 1:57 AM EST

    Are you preparing to launch your Website? We have created this handy and exhaustive website launch checklist to ensure a smooth launch when you make your site public. A successful website launch is critical for you, and it is possible that you miss out important steps when you are ready to launch. To help you avoid the mistakes that we have learned over the years, we’re giving away the exact checklist that we follow when launching a new website.

    Quality is all about details. To make sure nothing is missed, professionals use checklists.

    Here is our website launch checklist that includes items from years of hard-earned experiences, mistakes and lessons learned. We hope this will save you some of that pain. If you know someone working on a web setup & design project, you can probably save them some grief by sharing this with them.

    1) Robust Server Configurations : – CloudFront CDN – Redis Cache Setup – SSL Certificate for the Website

    2) Reserved Resources (A dedicated Development Team)

    3) Dynamic Support System

    4) Search Engine Optimisation

    5) Other Factors : – Check all Permalinks – Ensure working responsive design – Review Cross Browser Compatibility – Test Website on Different Devices – Check for Broken Links – Optimise Images on the Website

    Closure: We hope these tips help you to have a great launch! Good luck with your community! If you have any questions or need more help, please connect with us at We provide a variety of services that will help you in accomplishing the above checklist points.