5 Reasons You Should Invest In App Monetization

  • March 19, 2021 3:05 AM EDT


    MobileApps! Clearly validated by the statistics; the increasing number of smartphone users has led to significant rise in mobile applications driving fierce market competition globally. Well, this rise in mobile application market is quite obvious as, it brings along convenience, easier reach & has improved the browsing experience. And from constantly expanding mobile application market, businesses can seize ample of revenue making opportunities. However, managing the revenue part can be extremely challenging for businesses. Developing a clear understanding of app monetisation and creating its strong existence in a marketplace can be gruelling for businesses.


    The challenge it brings along is not only associated with building a personalised experience for customers and improving user engagement rate but also, achieving the desired ROI. To simplify such challenges,SocialApps.tech has developed a plethora of solutions to make you understand how your Online Community's Mobile App (Android & iOS) can turn into a revenue-generating machine:


    1) App Optimization for Ads You have the app ready and now, it needs to be scaled-up for generating revenue. Well, with so many options offered by SocialApps.tech for monetising the apps, it has become much simpler for businesses to not only, earn decent profits but also, improve the user experience. By integrating Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin, you get plenty of options to display ads in various ways such as Community Ads. This way it simplifies the task of performing targeted advertising and ensures customers reach your app easily.

    2) Gaining Exposure from Potential Viewers Do you want your app to get the right exposure and increase the traffic? Mobile compatibility and easily configurable Directory / Pages Plugin allow you to create a page, perform editing in the current page, view page information and participate in page activity, and also, receive updates when various contents like videos, music, events, notes are added. And this leads to increase in engagement rate among community members. Pages can be moderated based on the page activity and users can participate in discussions. By using this plugin, you can enhance the searching and browsing experience of your app as it enables users to easily and quickly find the relevant directory/pages items around them. Using user base and gathering the user insights can further, supplement the marketing strategy.

    3) Facebook Ads Let your target audience engage with your brand in a refined way. Simply create an Facebook Ads placement Id from your Facebook developer account, get it approved from Facebook and on approval you can start earning money as, user engagement build over your Ads. You can set up Ads that match your target audience and even placement of Ad can be customised to improve its reach-ability. So, you have it! The revenue and reach of your brand to right members.

    4) Set-up Event Selling, Ticketing System & Earn Wondering, how events can help to generate money out of your Android Mobile application? Well, Advanced Events Plugin's extension Advanced Events - Events Booking, Ticket Selling & Paid Events help you set up complete ticket selling and booking system. Create event packages and provide users good offerings and process bookings to create a profitable mobile application. Both free or paid tickets can be created for event packages and as per user's convenience they can purchase it or book them online. Coming to the revenue part, How can your events become a revenue source? Site admin can generate revenue in multiple ways such as; by creating a subscription for event creators, from event creation packages and also, from ticket sales commissions.

    5) Listings to Generate Revenue You have got an idea! So, list it out. It can be anything like educational listings, product listings, classifieds, blogs, magazines, property listings, pinboard, articles, fashion listings, employment listings, recipes, idea sharing, etc. Here’s the solution. Multiple Listing Types Plugin helps you have both free or paid listings. Paid listings bring an extra leverage that encourages site members to pay for appending themselves to your social site and this helps you earn revenue. This powerful plugin can be used in multiple ways; you can add photos in the listings. Users can create and add listings of their interests. And these listings can be further, rated and reviewed by editors and users which in turn leads to enhanced user engagement and enables site owners to build up a robust and useful system.


    Wrapping It Up:

    So, here’s the bottom line. These were some of the amazing ways on how Mobile Apps for you Online Community can turn into a revenue source. Not just an income source, it helps you expand your network, build connections and enhance reach-ability of your business.