Professional Music Plugin *REVIEW*

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    November 15, 2021 12:59 PM EST
    I purchased all of the Products from SNS back in June. This review is only for the Professional Music Plugin from SNS. This review will also be updated with any updates to resolution or fixes concerning out-of-box issues. Installed plugin and configured in the admin portion - reasonably easy. I noticed unlike other plugins, and you could not change the link to the plugin on the site. So far, The issues I ran into out of the box are as follows:
    1. When posting a song, even though you put in an artist's name, it displays that you published the piece yourself instead of the artist. - This could lead to copyright violation lawsuits.
    2. The breadcrumbs are broken. For example, if you uploaded a song by Billie Eilish from the album Happier than Ever, named Happier without you. The breadcrumbs will display as: Music Album Home » Music » Songs » Happier Than Ever » Happier without you.
      1. Normally breadcrumbs will display plugin> Album Name > Song name. Instead, it shows as Music Album Home > the word music> The Word Songs > Album name > Song Name.
    3. The page with the song displays that the user who uploaded the song implies that the user, instead of the artist, made the music.
      1. This could bring Copyright Violation lawsuits for people who upload artists' songs when it doesn't display the correct information.
    4. The link structure is broken for the plugin.
      1. The link structure should be WEBSITE.COM/music, but instead, the main page for music is WEBSITE.COM/MUSIC/ALBUM/HOME
      2. The link for a song is WEBSITE.COM/MUSIC/SONG/1/[SONG NAME] Usually, the link structure should be name/song name/ or name/album name/song name
    5. When sharing a song, it displays on the activity feed "USER WHO SHARED shared [USER WHO UPLOADED MUSIC] s song."
      1. This also implies that the person who uploaded the music created the song, violating copyright laws and resulting in a lawsuit.
    I have shared this information with the company. I'm awaiting a response from them to correct these devastating issues. I'll update this as soon as I hear something.
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    November 16, 2021 7:58 AM EST

    I heard back from SNS this morning about these issues.


    For Issues 1, 3, 5 - They stated that making those changes for the copyright issues would take them 5 hours, and I would have to pay for custom work.


    For Issue 2, having an SEO Friendly Breadcrumb would require custom work and charge me for it.


    For Issue 4 - To make a consistent URL that matches the link structure, they stated this issue could not correct it.


    Since there isn't much information out there to give consumers an educated approach before they buy someone's plugins and make the serious commitment when it comes to an expensive platform and pre-made plugins that claim to be updated to standard practices used by the industry, the truth is, They're not. You're going to probably have to shell out some extra money to have these plugins working correctly.


    What's My overall experience with the Professional Music Plugin for SocialEngine?



    • If you are a music artist and want to promote your own music


    • If you're a platform that wants to share music, you'll most likely get hit with copyright lawsuits because of wrong plugin labeling.
    • If you're looking for a search-engine-friendly solution, this will put marks against your domain, and you'll rank lower on search engines.
    • You cannot upload single songs.
    • After uploading an album, you cannot add more songs to the album after creation.
    • Music Does not play on Mobile Devices.
    • You will have to ask for edits since a lot of the language is not in the language manager.

    If you want to look at the music plugin in my environment, you can here: Music Plugin for SocialEngine.