Impossible to delete photos on groups since 2 or 3 weeks.

See Attachment

Have you an idea ?

Thanks in advance

Wish this could be added for photos, music, videos, blogs, forum topics, polls and classifieds also. those seemed to work. Will test from my win 10 later, with those same photos which are all well under 1mb (I mean each one is under 1mb)

Full focus on large and nice photos makes the contest page beautiful.

Hey all - anyone else seeing this today?

I am getting 400 errors when attempting to attach photos in messages on our site, was not like this yesterday and is working here 

Sorry, it's not just a problem with a NEXT button.

Many occurrences are missing. For me, a lot of worries with COVER photos.

I'm preparing a list to try to understand ...

Thanks for your help.