whatonearth said:

It's the photos page not the album page that does not look good and has not way to change the number of photos in the admin. photos page is more important than album page to me. People don't stop and think wow, I have this great album I

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Hello @whatonearth: As I remember Donna mentioned that photos will respect the display as of Albums.

For the count of photos, it is a new feature request.

Advanced photos & Albums Plugin

Advanced photos & Albums Plugin is the best plugin with a list of amazing tools and options for viewing Albums and photos in various different views – Grid view, Advanced Grid View, Slideshows, Masonry view. It is 100% responsive.
You can add album...

Numbers of photos and photos layout page

The albums setting is the only setting for photos I see in the admin. How can I change the numbers # of photos displayed on the page and layout of the photos page? The layout has no space between the photos.


I wanted to see if it was just me and I

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photos Strip: Showcasing best photos of Page

I just tested and have no issues getting in site notifications. I joined my site and:

1. Added a photo in the feed.

2. Added several photos in a feed post.

3. Added photos in a new album.

4. Added photos in another

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