You can manage various cover photos in the admin panel.

Album Image for new members showing with no photos

New members are signing up and it shows the album image and there are no images. I do have the sign up process require a profile image. It should not be doing this, right?

Is there a way to view the unmapped photos before deleting? Thanks Gary

Issue with photos, groups and videos in the profile widgets

There is an issue with profile albums, profile videos and profile groups and maybe more widgets. It is elongating the photos and videos on the profile page.

admin member profile photos is showing in the header

One of our admin member's profile photos is showing in the header along with the date she last logged in it appears. It's right over the menu when it's in responsive mode. 

Good to know. I thought about making member's profile photos responsive.

You can setup new avatar image to choose a cover for their profile photos.

The plugin allows you to make custom avatars by using your photos and applying filters on them.

When you tested was it on a group of photos that were in an album or on a single photo that was showing in the newsfeed