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Domain Name Change Possible?

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    April 20, 2020 11:28 AM EDT

    Hi Donna,

    Users are using my site in an unexpected manner. It's a good thing. I'm considering changing the domain name to reflect the difference. My host says it's easy enough to do, but what might the consequences be if I did? For example, will my site stop working or would I have to perform a re-install, etc.



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    April 20, 2020 12:29 PM EDT

    Hey Andy! Hope everyone there is staying safe. :)

    Good question that people usually do first and ask later lol. It's pretty easy from our end of things, just log into and follow the steps to change the licensed domain as long as the site will only be on the new domain and not on both domains.

    Other considerations:

    1. Third party products that might be licensed to your domain. Contact experts to check.

    2. Menus that might be pointing to a direct URL for your current domain. Check all menus.

    3. Image files that could possibly be pointing to direct URL for the current domain. Check all images you use on the site such as theme images used from the File manager in admin. I don't mean images for users that they upload. Those should be fine.

    4. Google SEO. There is where to pay attention. You'll want redirects and such for your SEO. 

    5. Might be good to check the .htaccess if you modified it with any direct URL stuff. 

    6. Check the cache path to make sure it's correct after changing the domain. In your admin settings for cache.

    7. Check when uploading plugins that it is using the correct path in case anything changes on the server end for the path.

    8. Clear your old cookies and tell your users before you change that they'll need to delete old cookies and bookmarks.

    9. I may have missed stuff. 

    10. Fully clear cache after you change stuff by enabling and then disabling development mode.

    11. I almost forgot email stuff. You'll want to get that all prepared for the new domain.

    Hopefully, the above is helpful.

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    April 20, 2020 1:41 PM EDT

    Thank you. This helps a lot!!!!