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  • Hi Tintin, 
    I tried your solution, the result was that the ...  more
  • Tue at 5:55 PM
    Ask them if they can set up a demo for you maybe? I don't know i...  more
  • I had more feedback on this via message that this would be aweso...  more
  • Tue at 8:32 AM
    I have been considering the Advanced Events Plugin by Socia...  more
  • Freelancer said:
    Hi, you can make a fresh install with the new d...  more
  • Mon at 8:49 AM
    UK English is actually not a supported language. It uses the def...  more
  • Hi, you can make a fresh install with the new database and then ...  more
  • Mon at 8:09 AM
    I had previously set the location to British English in the admi...  more
  • Mon at 6:04 AM
    Odd. It works fine for me when I change locales in my front end ...  more
  • Mon at 5:49 AM
    Any more thoughts on this? I'm on the trial at the moment and th...  more
  • Ok, I may let him use my profile and i'll just have him add a ta...  more
  • He should be able to see it without being a client but he needs ...  more
  • and for the record, We have installed a Fresh copy of SE (zero p...  more
  • Donna... our servers has always met Social engines requirements ...  more
  • Feel free to post a snippet of the error (in code tags which is ...  more
  • Double check that permissions are set per our recommendations,&n...  more
  • Its a issue with old profiles, I can delete new profiles just fi...  more
  • BTW, we have a fix coming for a user delete issue if your issue ...  more
  • Not that I know of because everything is interconnected in the d...  more
  • Younet is not an approved developer in our marketplace any longe...  more
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  • Greetings... For a while now I've had none stop issues with soci...  more
  • I am very new to all SE and am currently working on a test dev s...  more
  • Here's what's new in the Certified Marketplace as of December 8,...  more
  • I am seriously considering a domain name change for my php site....  more
  • I would like to know if all the developers when designing a plug...  more
  • Is there a way to change the format of dates to day month year?
  • Here's what's new in the Certified Marketplace as of December 1,...  more
  • The best strategy for backups (PHP and MySQL) is; backup your fi...  more
  • Hi SE-Team!
    Thanks for bringing us the possibility in 4.9.3 to e...  more
  • socialengine said that the recommended php version is 7.1 with A...  more
  • (created from original discussion = http://community.socialengin...  more
  • Today's focus is on the certified Zephyr theme by Pixy...  more
  • What are the default website page URL's for each of the SE Layou...  more
  • I noticed that in the activity feed the text reads:
    1 LIKES THIS...  more
  • I do not think it's the only one that has problems with the Soci...  more
  • We have an awesome sale for you! A whopping 25% off SE PHP Essen...  more
  • When a test member's deleted. their email address used to sign u...  more
  • Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it!
  • Hello,
    I have added height and weight to custom fields in...  more
  • Hi Donna,
    This request dates back to 18th May 2017 which ...  more
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