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  • Shoot looks like I replied about the affiliate program in the...  more
  • @GS - I looked extensively into this and iDev is the only...  more
  • Ahhh lol ok
  • @Kathryn
    That's odd.  SEAO sales typically gets back...  more
  • @gs - Still trying to figure out the differences between the...  more
  • I am not sure if that will work for me. Actually, I will need...  more
  • So as not to close this thread due to the good info, I'll move...  more
  • I wish a 3PD would develop an affiliate Plugin.  The...  more
  • Glad to help - I would suggest that the leads gained through an...  more
  • Thanks @ITLJames.
    I'll have to revisit this affiliate thing due...  more
  • Our cost of acquisition is VERY low when we get new subscriptions this way
  • This is my flow for iDev:

    a person signs up as an...  more
  • ==> '...then comparing it to their membership level and...  more
  • I only use it for member referrals and percentage payouts of...  more
  • @ITLJames
    Thanks.  So using iDev you're able to track/pay...  more
  • Happy to chat here so all can learn
    I use iDev for member...  more
  • I have SES' error page plugin and asked for this as a custom...  more
  • @Elshara
    Thanks for the useful...  more
  • Great idea.
    What triggers the differentiation between...  more
  • Description: Right now when a member of a community comes...  more
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  • Description: Right now when a member of a community comes...  more
  • Hello All -
    I am not sure if I am posting this topic in the...  more
  • Multiple revenue stream to achieve your goals.
    For the past...  more
  • I have created a new module that adds phone verification step...  more
  • By isaiah
    Mon at 8:51 AM
    I want members of my website to be a member of one...  more
  • Why are my own posts suddenly marked as private? I downloaded...  more
  • I would like to suggest that users can signup and manage multi...  more
  • Required fields are not marked.  When user does not fill...  more
  • We're so happy to have you here! Our hope is to build a great...  more
  • Howdy Doody folks! Guess what I've got for ya? No, not a bone...  more
  • I have created a SocialEngine module named MyAwesomeModule that...  more
  • Hi there,
    I'm looking for an SE developer to create a fully...  more
  • If you submit default robots.txt given by socialengine script...  more
  • Go...  more
  • How can i change profile address label to username?
  • Hey,
    can anyone help me that how can i replace US Dollar to AED...  more
  • I just purchased a plugin via the marketplace and attempted to...  more
  • Heya!
    LOVE how many new certified plugins are in the...  more
  • I am the super admin for my organization's site. I signed in to...  more
  • Hi All,
    I have a small question that I'm hoping to get a bit of...  more
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