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New Page for Subscription Requests

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    August 22, 2018 3:56 PM EDT

    Description: Right now when a member of a community comes up against content that requires a Subscription they land on a generic page that tells them the content they have requested is Private. This can be altered to a certain extent and via language manager you can make it a dual purpose page but this in itself does not go far enough.

    In an effort to monetize and educate members that some content is indeed Private or that it requires a site Subscription I suggest the following:

    1. Two pages be available via the core script - one for Private Content & one for Subscription Required.

    Pretty simple if you ask me... but as a monetization tool it is Extremely Powerful! With two pages to work with I can make clear calls to action when there is a restriction due to not having a subscription and I can then drive more revenue. Plus there are some great plugins in the marketplace already that can be improved on to allow for this to go even further once SE allows it.

    Win - Win!

    Thanks for considering my request!

  • gs
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    August 22, 2018 7:36 PM EDT


    Q#01  What triggers the Private page - privacy settings only?

    Q#02  What triggers the Subscription page - access prevented by ML?



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    August 22, 2018 11:07 PM EDT

    Yes to both GS

  • gs
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    August 22, 2018 11:20 PM EDT

    Thanks @ITLJames

    Glad this had to be reposted because it gave me a chance to rethink how this could be determined and that process came to a simpler solution than last time.

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    August 23, 2018 4:36 AM EDT

    What sort of default phrase would these generate? (Before you ask @gs, yes phrase that can be changed)

    You say "Page" - does this apply to pages made in admin or is this a plugin access based setting or both?

    For plugin based, it would by default need to be in default SE plugins but experts would need to update their own plugins with whatever code is used.

    For subscription, do we want a subscribe button? Do you instead want to show available subscriptions for them to choose from?

    This is how we need feature requests fleshed out so all of the info is contained in them and we don't have to stop and ask things in order to consider them. :)

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    August 23, 2018 11:11 AM EDT


    Default Phrases would be based on why they landed on the specific page. For a private content page it would be pretty much as it is now. For a subscription required page it would need to be a call to action to subscribe (with clear link to subscription page)

    I can see this working very well if the page was editable via the layout editor so that people can customize the page. I personally would want a benefits table with subscription buttons that shows the different membership levels.

    I am a DIY kinda guy so just having the ability to differentiate that a person who clicks on content gets directed to either a subscribe page or a private content page is all I felt was needed, the rest I would want to control the flow of.

  • gs
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    August 23, 2018 12:48 PM EDT

    ==> '...(Before you ask @gs, yes phrase that can be changed)...'

    Ah, you know me too well.  Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility :)


    ==> '...I can see this working very well if the page was editable via the layout editor so that people can customize the page....'

    Yes, this is the way to go.  Like you said, it may be helpful to include (widgets) benefits table with subscription buttons, etc., but if it's a page in LE, someone (like me) could change it (especially since I'm using SEAO's Subscription Plugin).  For Private Pages, editable as well (even though I use SES' Error Pages Plugin).



    Great, useful FR - not just for better clarification of 'why', but primarily because it's a very useful monetization feature.  It's great do know why I can't see certain things, and if all it is is due to my subscription, then after bumping into this a few times (or even 1x) I'd consider upgrading (after all, it's my fault that I'm seeing this page).

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    August 23, 2018 12:52 PM EDT

    With my previous cms I had it setup pretty well that members would get notifications of interactions, messages etc and when they went to view and did not have a subscriptions I was then able to bestow upon them the benefits of upgrading... I am getting SE there one section at a time!

    My whole point is monetization improvements and this FR is a big one.