Chat Plugin Widget

  • The following widget list shows which pages or sections they work on. If a page or section is not listed under a widget, it will not work in that area.

    Chat Box

    Contact Page

    Invite Page

    Forgot Password Page

    Hashtag Results Page

    Member Browse Page

    Member Home Page

    Member Profile

    User Change Password Settings Page

    User Delete Account Settings Page

    User Emails Settings Page

    User General Settings Page

    User Networks Settings Page

    User Notifications Settings Page

    User Privacy Settings Page

    Messages Compose

    Messages Inbox Page

    Messages Outbox Page

    Messages Search Page

    Messages View Page

    Privacy Page

    Search Page

    Sign-In Page

    Sign-In Required Page

    Sign-Up Page

    Terms of Service Page

    New Page

    Album Browse Page

    Album Create Page

    Album Manage Page

    Album Photo Browse Page

    Album Photo View Page

    Album View Page

    Blog List Page

    Blog View Page

    Blog Browse Page

    Blog Create Page

    Blog Manage Page

    Classified Browse Page

    Classified Create Page

    Classified Manage Page

    Classified View Page

    Event Browse Page

    Event Create Page

    Event Manage Page

    Event Profile

    Forum Main Page

    Forum Main Page

    Forum View Page

    Forum Topic Create Page

    Group Browse Page

    Group Create Page

    Group Manage Page

    Group Profile

    Music Browse Page

    Music Playlist View Page

    Music Create Page

    Music Manage Page

    Poll Browse Page

    Poll Create Page

    Poll Manage Page

    Poll View Page

    Video Browse Page

    Video Create Page

    Video Manage Page

    Video View Page

    Chat Main Page