Enable/Disable Production or Development Mode

  • SocialEngine provides you with the option to put your site into either “Development Mode” or “Production Mode.” 

    In “Development Mode,” errors are visible on the page, making it much easier to debug. Caching is also turned off, so any changes you make are visible in real time. “Development mode” is a great tool to use when setting up your site so that you can ensure changes made or plugins added are not causing issues. It does take more server resources due to caching being disable. We recommend not leaving a site in “Development Mode” long term.

    When you are ready to launch your site, you should put it into “Production Mode.” This will enable caching and ensure that your members don't run into any visible errors. This is considered the “live” mode and is more resource friendly than “Development Mode.”

    To switch between the modes, log in to your SocialEngine Admin Panel, or if you are already logged in to your Admin Panel, click on the Home link. On the homepage of your Admin Panel, you should see a section titled "System Mode" on right-hand side. Directly below this, you should see two buttons, “Production Mode” and “Development Mode.”

    Enable Development Mode

    To enable “Development Mode” while SocialEngine is in “Production Mode,” click on the “Development Mode” button. 

    Each time you log in to the Admin Panel when “Development Mode” is enabled, you will see a notice at the top of the page to remind you to return to “Production Mode.”

    Enable Production Mode

    To enable Production Mode” while SocialEngine is in “Development Mode,” click on the “Production Mode” button.

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