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Abuse Reports

  • Abuse reports may be submitted by members to flag content as spam, abuse, inappropriate, licensed material, or other reasons that may need the attention of an administrator. Members will often encounter content before admins will, so this system makes it easier to remove offensive content as quickly as possible. Administrators have the final decision to remove or dismiss flagged content.

    The Abuse Reports are found by either navigating to Manage > Abuse Reports in your Admin panel:

    or, you can also view Abuse Reports by navigating to your Admin panel Home screen and clicking “View Abuse Reports."

    Manage Abuse Reports

    Use the search field to look for reports that contain a particular word or phrase. If no search is entered, all reports will be displayed by default. Very old reports are periodically deleted by the system. Reports may be sorted by “ID”, “Date”, “Description”, “Content Type”, or “Reason”. Click the column title to toggle between ascending or descending order.


    Each abuse report is assigned a unique ID number.


    Displays a description of the issue as entered by the reporter.


    Displays the name of the member who posted the report. Click the name to view the member profile.


    Displays the date the report was made on. This is useful if you would like to see the most recent abuse reports first, for example.

    Content Type

    Displays the type of content reported, such as: users, albums, photos, groups, events, polls, videos, blogs. Sorting by content type can be useful if you want to see, for example, all of the videos that have been flagged.


    Displays the reason for each report. Default reasons are: Spam, Abuse, Inappropriate Content, Licensed Material, and Other. Sorting by reason can be useful, for instance, if you would like to view and dismiss all spam reports at once.

    Take Action

    Click "take action" in the options column to bring up a popup which gives you the ability to perform more actions depending on the Content Type.

    Depending on the Content Type you may see a popup like the one below or one with fewer options.

    In order to take action on an item you must decide on the following items:

    1. Delete Content - Selecting the box next to "Delete Content?" will delete the item in question.
    2. Poster Action
      • Nothing - selecting this option will not do anything to the member who posted this item
      • Disable Member - selecting this option will prevent the member who posted this item from accessing your site. However, any contributions that this member has made to your site will still be accessible.
      • Delete Member - selecting this option will delete the member who posted this item and will delete all of their previous contributions to the site in the process.
    3. Ban Poster IP Address - Selecting the box next to "Ban Poster IP Address?" will place the IP address of the member who posted this item in the Banned IP address list in your Spam & Banning Tools page.
    4. Dismiss Report - Selecting the box next to "Dismiss Report?" will dismiss the report. This will remove the item from the Abuse Reports list.
    5. Submit - When you have finished selecting what actions you would like to perform on this item and its poster, click the "Submit" button to perform the selected actions.

    View Content

    Click "View Content" in the options column to view the actual content that caused the report. Admins can delete content if deemed inappropriate.

    Dismiss a Single Abuse Report

    Click "dismiss" to dismiss the selected report. This will remove this abuse report from the list and leave the content as it was.

    Dismiss Multiple Abuse Reports

    It is also possible to select multiple reports and dismiss them all at once with the “Dismiss Selected” button.

    Select the reports you would like to dismiss by selecting the box next to them and clicking  "Dismiss Selected."

    NOTE: Selecting the box in the title bar will select all the boxes under it on this page.

    Submitting Abuse Reports

    Members can create Abuse Reports, by selecting "Report" on the page of content they regard as being abusive or offensive.

    Reporting a profile:

    Reporting items:

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