• Emoticons (smileys) are a great way to let your users express themselves. You can add, edit and delete emoticons in SocialEngine PHP in order to customize your community.

    You'll need to be logged into your Admin Panel. Navigate to Settings > Emoticons.

    Adding Emoticons

    1. To add an emoticon, click the "here" link at the top of the emoticon list.
    2. Enter the:
      1. Emoticon Name - this is for internal use only.
      2. Emoticon Symbol - you can enter any type of symbol that is not already used. We recommend staying away from words people would use in normal conversation as this would insert emoticons when they are not desired, giving the user a frustrating experience. For example, we used :spen: instead of spencer for our Spencer emoticon as someone typing the word Spencer in a sentence or using it as their name would have an emoticon instead.
      3. Choose an emoticon - choose a file from your computer for the emoticon. This will automatically resize but we recommend not having large files.
    3. Save changes when done.

    Editing Emoticons

    To edit an emoticon, click the "Edit" button to the right of the emoticon you want to edit.

    Make the changes you want and Save Changes when done. (See image in step two for Adding Emoticons).

    Deleting Emoticons

    To delete an emoticon, click the "Delete" button to the right of the emoticon you want to delete.

    A popup will open asking if you are sure you want to delete it. Click "Delete Emoticon" to delete it or "Cancel" if you changed your mind.


    Remember to clear your cache!