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Package and Plugin Installation

  • SocialEngine PHP comes with a Package Manager that allows you to easily install your plugins straight from your SocialEngine admin panel. Packages are a group of files that can be modules, plugins, widgets, themes, or even language packs. Through this Package Manager, you will be able to install new packages without ever having to worry about which files go where. To install a new package, please follow the steps below. If you are looking to upgrade your plugins, please refer to the Performing Upgrades article.

    Installing Packages

    1. If you are installing SocialEngine plugins, log in to the client area (https://sehosted.socialengine.com/) and download any plugins you have purchased from the client area. If you are installing a third-party package, please ensure that the file you've been provided has the extension "tar".

    2. Log in to your SocialEngine admin panel and go to the "Packages and Plugins" option under the "Manage" menu item. Click the "Install New Packages" link.

    3. Click on the Add Packages link and upload the packages you downloaded in step 1.

    4. Finally, follow the on screen instructions to install your SocialEngine packages.

    Server returned HTTP-Status #302

    This error is one commonly encountered while installing and updating plugins. One way around this problem is to upload the file directly to SocialEngine using an FTP client. Log into your website over FTP and locate the "/temporary/package/archives/" directory in your SocialEngine path. Upload the tar file to this directory, and set the permissions of the file to 777. Then, proceed to the Manage > Packages & Plugins page. SocialEngine should be able to detect the file and extract its contents, allowing you to proceed with the rest of the installation.