Log Browser Improvements

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    July 26, 2017 6:33 PM EDT

    Feature Title: Log Browser Improvements (Concerning Display Settings)

    Feature Description: Log browser for viewing error logs, sorts items oldest first. If you don't look at it for awhile and if errors pile up, you have to download the full log which could be very big in size if not properly maintained. For this reason, log browser should be sorted newest first, and have pagination at a custom configurable level so you can see each error either as a stand alone error, or in a series of errors per page. This should also apply to server info and server referrers pages two.

    Feature Screenshot: None.

    Other Comments For Feature: Provide better categories for the log browser like you did with the activity feed item type settings page. So you can sort errors based on the type of error present. As well as narrowing down where it is effected most. Same goes for server info and site stats page, sorting categories by module.

    Thank you for considering the feature improvement.