Separately Enable/Disable SignIn/SignUp

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    August 1, 2017 3:27 PM EDT

    A summary of the feature request.  Login/Landing/Sign-In-Required pages should separately allow SignIn/SignUp. 

    Details of settings, steps to use or see this feature, benefits.  Details/Steps = Include separate Enable/Disable (or check box or whatever method) for Sign-In and Sign-Up links in the appropriate Widget/Block/Page (see below).  Benefits = Ability to control these 2 functions independently on each page they're currently available from (so for example, ADMIN may choose to only allow Sign-In on the Login Page, but both links on the LP; or ADMIN may choose to not allow Sign-Up anywhere such as during development). 

    - Login page 'content' widget doesn't have options for sign-in/sign-up

    - Landing Page 'Login or Signup' User Block doesn't have options for sign-in/sign-up

    - 'sign-in required' page doesn't have options for sign-in/sign-up

    Add screenshots when possible.  None provided as this is standard SE blocks/widgets.

    Any other information you want to share that is relevant to the feature being requested. This might include the lines of code that you have identified as needing improvements and potential solutions (and your opinions on their merits).  This initially began here --> 

    Although some themes (including the SpectroMedia that I use) provide settings to Enable SignIn/SignUp separately, when attempting to use the built-in SE options (below) there's no options/flexibility.  This is simple stuff here - if Themes Devs can realize these two functions/links are common sense and should be independent, SE should do it as well because it's useful/needed and no good reason why it doesn't yet exist