Please explain backups and updates

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    May 23, 2019 1:04 PM EDT

    I need to know what changes that I have been making to the script will not survive an update to keep track of them.  Can you please explain this?

    I also need to know how to create a backup for my theme.  I thought I had done it because I am using a clone but if I am using the copy where is the back up/original?

    Also what is the difference between constant.css and theme.css?  I am using a clone for both so again, where is the back up/original?

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    May 24, 2019 4:29 AM EDT

    This explains themes and how to export to back it up: and . The second link shows the Export to download a copy. The first one explains theme.css and constant.css .

    As for your core edits, you would need to have been making a list of what you changed so that you could know to reapply changes. Or, what I do is have a folder on my computer with the complete path to each file changed. My folder is named changes. So in that I have copies of each file changed, in the full path (folders, subfolder, etc). If you didn't do that, you want to get Beyond Compare. You can use it to compare a backup of your site files to a fresh download of the SocialEngine files. 

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    June 19, 2019 8:50 AM EDT


    I've just read the text in both links.  

    If I understood correctly the theme.css and the constants.css files are clones that I made when I wanted to make my own changes to the core layout.  When TMD Hosting back-up my website these two files are found somewhere so I do not need to make specific copies of the whole site.  Am I correct about all of that? Or do you recommend that I export my theme.css and constants.css files in layout editor? 

    Where are the theme.css and the constants.css files found in my back up files?  

    Thanks in advance.