Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!

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    December 31, 2019 8:50 AM EST

    The SocialEngine team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! It is our hope that 2020 brings joy, prosperity, health and enlightenment to our extended family. Our clients, third party experts, remote teams and local teams are all included as part of our SocialEngine family. 

    We hope that the coming year enriches all of you beyond your wildest dreams and hopes. Enrichment doesn't have to mean monetary, though that does help wink. But, enrichment can also be the small things that bring joy to your lives. Perhaps a simple "Hello" and smile from a friend. Perhaps it's the tiny hand that holds yours as you show a child their first (ball game, elephant, firework, wave at the beach, etc). Maybe it's the hug from grandma/grandpa that only a grandma/grandpa can give. Or, it's remembering those who have passed but are still in our hearts (Mom, that one is for you, love and miss you so very much ~Donna).

    Whatever your dreams and hopes may be for the coming year, know that we at the SocialEngine, Webligo and Room214 teams are right there with you - hoping the same things for you.

    With the greatest appreciation,

    The SocialEngine Team

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    January 3, 2020 12:25 AM EST

    Wishing SocialEngine family and everyone a very Happy New Year! May the spirit of the season of, New year fill your heart, with serenity and peace.

    In the start of this New Year, the SocialApps.tech Team makes a resolution to launch new Products, new Features and build more capabilities for the success of our customers!

    We hope all SocialEngine powered communities thrive well in 2020 !!


    With Best Wishes,

    The SocialApps.tech Team 

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