Protecting Clients' Privacy in the Community

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    January 23, 2020 8:53 AM EST

    Our community can be a great place to interact, get and give help, and even conduct business between clients and experts. However, that last part "conduct business between clients and experts" must come FROM the client asking for help. We have community rules in place and we do enforce them. The rules are stickied at the top of the forum categories. Please read them.

    We will immediately ban without warning as we said in the rules for some issues. Do not contact clients in private message to offer assistance with customizations, fixing websites, etc. If you want to offer your help, do so in the thread in which they are posting. This goes for experts and for other clients. It's great to offer help but some clients do not want to be contacted privately for such help. Please follow the posted guidelines and wait for them to contact you.

    We just had to ban an account for contacting several clients in PM against the rules. We did this after receiving the complaints about such contact. This is a permanent ban as we are very serious about privacy. 

    Again though, we do also want to encourage people to help each other. Feel free to offer your help in the forum posts per the guidelines though. laughing