[A]Enhanced group and event members page

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    February 15, 2021 8:11 AM EST


    I have a feature request for the upcoming V6, it regards a widget that would enhanced members’ profile and that could be used in : the browse members site, but also in the browse members’ section of the group and event plugins.

    This widget would allow :

    1) rows of members with in addtion

    2) the options to make member’s profile picture : squared, rounded or circled and also

    3) to choose the size between oif the member’s profile picture: small, medium or large.

    Last but not least, more options with icons could be added like: friend request, like, message, blocking,...

    Take care

    Have a great week



    P.S. Inserted an example used by the competition

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    February 16, 2021 4:48 AM EST

    Hi Bruno, thank you for submitting a feature request. This is pretty good but has more than one thing in it. We allow for one thing per request. Here's a link to our guidelines, https://community.socialengine.com/forums/topic/3/submitting-feature-requests . This is due to us having commits that have separate items for clarity and also because some things are for different sections and would need more than one request. We will consider one of your items above.

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    February 17, 2021 2:58 AM EST

    Hi Donna,

    Thank you for your response.

    I understand, I didn't fully read the guidelines.

    While we are at it, I reviewed my features, to me only option n° 2 seems to be the more pertinent: as a important group and event admins would like to shows off a max of their members with small profile pics while some others small group and event admins would like to use medium or large profile pics. Maybe this result could be easily obtained by simply choosing by the group or event admins the number of columns?


    Your choice would be the best one:)


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    February 17, 2021 5:30 AM EST

    Thinking more about this. There's a difference between the side widgets for users online, for example, and for the member browse index page.I was thinking your request was mainly for the actual profile photos/icons that appear throughout the site. This is more for a separate widget that could replace the "content" area of the member browse index page (and group/event members page) with this widget. The hitch in this is the responsive issue. With bootstrap coming, we might have an easier time of making changes like this for a widget. But, keep in mind that if we do it just for a widget, it won't impact other parts of the site. 

    For example, if we have square images in this widget as the admin chooses that, users in the site will only see square images for this widget. However, it won't be consistent with other areas such as the user profile pic on their profile, the group profile pic itself, the various other widgets in the site. Those would still be round.

    This is why we probably need this thought out a bit more in what we want to achieve here. Do we really want a separate widget or, do we want a setting to allow admins to choose the radius of the profile pics throughout the site? Or, if we want both of those things, we need another feature request for allowing admin to choose sitewide profile photo radius. I'm not tackling that size question as it's a whole other issue as there are several sizes used in the site and changing them would require a lot of thought.

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    February 17, 2021 7:59 AM EST

    Hello Donna,

    Thank you for your long and detailed response.

    Let’s make it simple, what is the issue here ? it is not to have one member by row in V6 for group and event plugins, in order to optimize the empty space with members.

    Therefore, I am respectfully submitting and suggesting for consideration, to simply use what it already exists in v5, that is to copy the code of the members browse widget and paste it also for the group and event members tab plugins?

    If eventually there is the need to make a little different between the group and event members tabs subsections compared and the parent Member Browse Main page of the site (Member Browse - SocialEngine PHP Demo), then why not reducing a little bitte (25%) the member's rectangle (profile picture + username).

    Here is my latest reviewed suggestion thanks to you, that should please everyone, guess we are ready to go


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    February 17, 2021 8:55 AM EST

    Oh! LOL. This is why screenshots help. A screenshot of the Event or Group profile photos now and a shot of what you want to achieve (which is in your first post) would have helped me be on the same page as your request lol. I agree as it should be consistent. In the theme I'm doing, I have polls fixed to show the same as other content (other than not having an image for polls). 

    Below is a screenshot of current group member view. We want it to look like the member browse page for both Events and Groups for consistency. I'll approve this for a future update.

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    February 17, 2021 1:22 PM EST

    Yes ! I am glad to have passed the feature request test, it was quite a challenge.

    Please check out the below images I composed for you, I am sure you will find it awesome!

    I used the normal member block in the browse member page in the second composed image I used a smaller picture more compact.

    Please keep in mind and take into account that sometimes groups and events are made with hundreds of members, so the member block should not be too big, this is why I mentioned the possibility to switch between small, medium and large member block, usernames could be shown on mouseover.

    I would recommend for the group and event plugin to use your member widget “popular members and online users”, make a mix and that will be it for the group and event plugins. We are dealing here with a minor modification.

    It would be great if you could update your V5 group and event plugin so that it can be used and tested before v6.


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    February 18, 2021 7:57 AM EST

    LOL. Thank you for the details and hard work you did in making these screenshots. I actually have settings in some of the plugins I make under ScriptTechs and BryZar that allow for different photo sizes per a setting in the plugin. So I know it's something that can be done from that perspective.