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    March 16, 2021 2:46 PM EDT

    Hi there, I would like events to be accessible from the landing page to the public, non-registered users. I have checked all around and can't make it happen. Is it possible: can I make all events accesible from the event menu at the landing page to the public ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    March 17, 2021 5:33 AM EDT

    The events here show to the public. Make sure you aren't setting any network privacy for the event and that they are also set to public events. If they are set to friends only or something like that, they won't be seen by guests.

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    March 19, 2021 7:16 AM EDT

    Thanks Donna for your comment. I have no networks activated in my running SE. All of them are set to invisible and no users can select one. At the event page level there is no network in any menu and the events are set to Everyone privacy. "People can search for this event" is also checked so supposedly everyone would be able to search for it. 

    Still, in the landing page events if a non registered users open the events menu and select next or pass events the list of events appears empty.

    So, I don't know what is going on here. 




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    March 19, 2021 7:30 AM EDT

    Are you talking about the widget for events or the actual events page? The widget also has settings for which events to show, as seen in another thread I answered yesterday. 

    Are you using 5.4.1? If the event page is not showing at all for guests, is it showing for each other member level? Are you finding any errors for guest users if you enable development mode and then view the site as a guest? Please make sure to disable development mode after testing. It's a heavy setting.

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    March 19, 2021 2:46 PM EDT

    Hi Donna, my answers follows:

    1- I am talking about the actual events page.

    2- In the events plugin settings Public member level are allowed to view and subscribe photo events.

    3- I am using 5.4.0 (didn't know there was a 5.4.1 already).

    4- The event page is showing for registered users (default level).

    5- Changing to developer mode does not changes the situation: still a guess can't see any events. 

    6- In the error log file there are two errors right now:

    2021-03-19T11:29:20+00:00 CRIT (2): Zend_Db_Table_Row_Exception: Specified column "level_id" is not in the row in /var/www/html/application/libraries/Zend/Db/Table/Row/Abstract.php:179


    2021-03-19T13:07:30+00:00 CRIT (2): Zend_Form_Exception: Form elements offer_type and subsubcategory_id have the same order (10000015) - this would result in only the last added element to be rendered in /var/www/html/application/libraries/Zend/Form.php:3426

    Question: which thread you answered yesterday?

    Thanks !

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    March 19, 2021 3:10 PM EDT

    Hi again, I just read your yesterday’s thread about events:

    I can’t find a similar entry to the Event Widget Not Set To Display All Events.

    I only have access to the Events Plugin but have access to NO widgets at all. There is no Event Plugin Widget page in my SE.

    Where are the Widgets configuration entry ? 

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    March 20, 2021 5:23 AM EDT

    In your admin panel, the blogs show the releases. You should keep an eye on releases so that you keep your site updated. The issues you post above do not provide enough information to say if they are for the event page. Please post those full errors. You can remove your site details from it.

    For widgets they are managed in the layout editor.

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    March 20, 2021 5:24 AM EDT

    One of those errors is from a third party product, the second one. Perhaps check with the third party expert to see if perhaps the event issue is from a plugin.

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    March 23, 2021 4:39 PM EDT

    Hi Donna, I solved partially the events problem following the thread you indicated. 

    At the landing page the events menu shows two entries: pass and next events. I one click on any of them it takes you to the Events Browse page, there I had to add the Upcoming Events widget and so it shows the upcoming ones to the public. But I also added the Recent Events widgets and no pass events appear. So the meaning of recent here is not so clear, recent like what? are these pass events or just some of them in a recent time window? 

    Any case the, the Events Browse page shows two entries: one for pass events and one for coming events. Clicking on them does nothing: it just shows the same page. I would like to know where can I change this functionality. This is a capture. I am using a Spanish translation here. 


    Curiously, in my admin panel news about 5.4.1 doesn't appears. Still now. I have ungraded to 5.4.1, by the way. 

    Will post the error of the previous message in another thread soon, after solving this.

    Thanks !



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    March 24, 2021 5:22 AM EDT

    If you enable development mode and visit that page as a guest and click those, do you see any error? If so, please post the full error.

    It still seems like you have a third party plugin due to the errors you posted before. You may want to check with them in case something is breaking that page.

    The Recent events widget should show recently created events based on your choice of what to display when you Edit the widget.