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  • Bob
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    July 24, 2021 11:32 PM EDT

    In the future is it possible to remove the  “Locale Settings” select timezone during signup. I heard feed back from members even way back in SE4 that ppl are confused by it. Cant there be a way it detects there setting automatically so its one less thing during signup up because now of days ppl just want a quick login.

    Or is there a way to disable it on my end

    • Moderator
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    July 26, 2021 8:29 AM EDT

    It's hard to auto detect as people like me on a dynamic IP will show up in various areas. Unless it grabs it from the browser instead of IP. I'm not sure how it can be made so our devs would need to look. It's a good feature request though as people are impatient these days. However, one less thing on the registration means it's even easier for spammers to join as well. Food for thought. 

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    July 30, 2021 4:20 AM EDT

    Spammers could actually find it harder to join if we turn this into a button people press that could replace captchas altogether. The button when pressed could perform 3 basic actions.

    First, check the originating IP with the browser language. Then provide a fake question to users if they don't match. Example, browser language is set to Chinese, and country is Egypt. Then ask users if their time zone is UTC -8 or America/Vancouver.

    Second, focus on telling users, they need to disable VPN access to register. For some reason if you can't view a site because you're in a locked down country with limited internet, then provide users a way to verify their identity based on location and language. Something maybe, like a cookie, to detect if the visitor say from Iran, clicks on the prompt in Spanish rather than Persian. IF they click the wrong language, the likelihood of them being a spammer is better, because a bot would only know how to program random responses, but their IP address wouldn't always match.

    Third, focus on duration. Bots usually take what, 20 seconds to fill out profile information? Even if they took longer, using Crazy Egg, there's a way to track scrolling activity. Maybe have a 3 minute page weight for users to take their time on the site. And enforce this by asking them to read the about us page, or some other page admin configurable. If they don't click the link to do that, then their registration would have to be manually approved or some other option could delay them from accessing the site.

    I know you want a quick login solution, so providing a replacement for locale and time zone settings on the back end, with a new interface to subconsciously verify the user's choice without being too invasive might just be key here in a way they won't fight it, but just respond accordingly.

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    July 30, 2021 8:34 PM EDT

    Where the like button on this forum to like Elsharas post 

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    July 30, 2021 9:28 PM EDT
    PeppaPigKilla said:

    Where the like button on this forum to like Elsharas post 


    You would be able to likely find it on my profile page in the activity feed.

    Forum topics and replies don't have a like button directly.

    The activity feed is a work around solution which will let you like any post from it once you're signed in. The only way to see the like is through the activity feed, but it will still show in both the post author's feed and the person's notification settings in addition to getting an initial email notification for the like.

    Just find its displayed location (on social engine community, it's on profile pages) for this site. Then, once you know where to interact with it, you need to find the creator of the post you wish to like.

    In this case, it's me. Click on my profile page. Now keep in mind, you need to click on the post author's profile and look for the exact time stamp and a preview of the post (remember the starting paragraphs) made from their own activity feed.

    Once you've found it, you'll be able to like it. Click the view more link for the snippet you're seeing in the post author's feed to see the entire post without images if it's just text.

    Alternatively, open the author's profile page in a new browser tab, while scrolling through forum replies. Make a note on your side containing the first paragraph about how that post was started by whom you wish to thank them for, or like.

    This will work on any site, so long as your user group has been granted user permissions which need to be set to allow likes from the default member level. And you're able to see the activity feed somewhere which includes forum post creation.

    Hope this helps you.