New Kind of "Activity Feed"

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    August 5, 2021 6:17 PM EDT

    Hi all

    Similar to the concept of current ACTIVITY FEED that captures various site activities EXCEPT more the ability of users to post content in focused content areas.


    Custom webpage named READ (with an Activity widget) would allow users to share links to articles of interest--or--WATCH (with an Activity widget) custom webpage would allow users to upload or share video links--or--LISTEN (with an Activity widget) users can upload audio files or share links--or--LEARN (with an Activity widget) users share learning content from journals, stories, etc. Option to share/not share on the activity stream on homepage, if desired.

    Right now content streams only on homepage from selected activities on website. Eventually getting lost or near irretrievable should users wish to find an aged content item. I know they can use search, but if I want to "watch" something why can't I click "Watch" menu and see all video content to date in its feed? :-)

    Thoughts? Thanks, Gary

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    August 6, 2021 5:24 AM EDT

    Might be an interesting idea for v6.


    A thought on how you can achieve this (and you would need to train your members to do this) but with hashtags you can actually do something like this. So, let's say everyone puts the hashtag #warbler for those activity feed items, and others put #cardinal for those activity feed items items. Once those are clicked in the hashtags, you can see all of that activity content and it has tabs to show each specific one.