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    ♥ [url=]SocialEngine PHP[/url] and want to get involved? Thanks! There are plenty of ways you can help!

    Please take a moment to review this document in order to make the contribution process easy and effective for everyone involved.

    Following these guidelines helps to communicate that you respect the time of the developers managing and developing this project. In return, they should reciprocate that respect in addressing your feature requests.

    Using the feature request tracker

    The feature request section is the preferred channel for feature requests but please respect the following restrictions:

    * Please do not use the feature request tracker for personal support requests. If you need support, please post in the relevant forum area; submit a ticket to our support via your client account; use [url=]Stack Overflow[/url] or other channels.

    * Please do not derail or troll issues. Keep the discussion on topic and respect the opinions of others.

    Feature requests A feature is a new function that is implemented in the code you download from SocialEngine.

    Feature requests are welcome, but take a moment to find out whether your idea fits within the scope and aims of SocialEngine.

    It's up to you to make a strong case to convince the SocialEngine developers of the merits of this feature.

    Please provide as much detail and context as possible. A good feature helps a multitude of people with the least negative impacts on the SocialEngine script.

    Guidelines for feature requests:

    1. Use the Forum search — check if the feature has already been requested.

    2. Check if the feature has been added — double check for the feature in the latest version of software.

    3. Fully describe the feature — Give detailed descriptions of what this feature does. Ideally, create screenshots so we can visually see what you are requesting when possible. feel free to take screenshots from our demo if you can't from your own site.

    4. One request per issue — for better clarity, include only one feature per issue opened.

    A good feature request shouldn't leave others needing to chase you up for more information. Please try to be as detailed as possible in your request.

    What module or area is this for (feed, blog, albums, mail, etc)?

    What do you wish to achieve with this feature?

    What are the benefits? Why should we consider adding this feature?

    Does this feature require specific settings?


    Short and descriptive example feature request title

    A summary of the feature request.

    Details of settings, steps to use or see this feature, benefits.

    Add screenshots when possible.

    Any other information you want to share that is relevant to the feature being requested. This might include the lines of code that you have identified as needing improvements and potential solutions (and your opinions on their merits).

    Here's a sample of a feature request:

    Title: Networks - Add Privacy Settings Per Network

    Description: Networks are great but we need an improvement to them. Currently, when adding content (such as a blog), we can >set privacy for Friends and Networks.

    That's great but sometimes, we need to share only to a specific Network.

    This request >is to add a privacy setting to choose a network when sharing content.

    (This is where we would see a screenshot for the feature)

    This would benefit a great deal of clients as they could allow for more privacy filters. Privacy today is a top concern >amongst webmasters.

    Thanks for considering my request!

    We reserve the right to remove, edit or alter any comments or feature requests or block anyone from posting to our tracker should they violate these terms.

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    Until we get the feature request/bug report improvements made here, we'll add the following to the feature request titles to show status when we check them.

    [R] = Rejected

    [A] = Accepted

    [ I ] = Implemented

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