Show Last ... Member Profile?

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    March 13, 2023 10:22 AM EDT


    Why when we click on No to these questions below:

    Show Last Login Date? Show Last Update Date?Show Invitee Name?Show Profile Type?Show Member Level?Show Profile Views?Show Joined Date on site? ....

    we get these questions :

    Show Last Login DateMember Profile?Show Last Update DateMember Profile?Show Invitee NameMember Profile?Show Profile TypeMember Profile?

    Show Member Level Member Profile?Show Profile Views Member Profile?Show Joined Date on site Member Profile? ....

    What is difference between them??

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    March 14, 2023 6:39 AM EDT

    You had this in the bug section but it is not a bug. One is asking if you want to allow members to choose whether to show those details on their profile and the other is asking you whether you want to show those details on member profiles. So if you answered No to the first option, you would not let members decide if the information shows. If you answer No or Yes to the second option, the info would or would not show on the member's profile based on your choice. 

    So, let's say you answer No to let the user choose whether to show that info. And then you also choose Yes to show the info, for the second option. That would force the info to show and the user would have no choice about hiding that info. 

    Hope that explains it.