Ability for Admin to Hide/Show form fields in all member forms

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    May 28, 2024 6:30 PM EDT

    There are many forms in SE that allow members to add content. Modules such as blogs or events allow members to add content but the forms associated with them are cumbersome and cluttered. 

    I'm suggesting the ability to hide certain items in forms so an admin can simplify and streamline the visual appeal of forms while at the same time making them easier to use.

    As an example, the Events module has so many form fields that I don't want my members to see or use that I would like the ability to hide them without needing to go into the code to comment them out. That's dangerous, I know!

    In the Events module form fields that could be optional are:

    • End time
    • Host
    • Location
    • Category
    • Networks
    • Etc...

    I hope you will consider this change.