Certified Marketplace Grand Opening!

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    October 24, 2017 10:33 AM EDT

    We are pleased to announce the grand opening of the Certified Marketplace!

    Clients can choose between certified and non-certified products. Choosing a certified product allows clients to rest assured that the product has been tested to install on a fresh SocialEngine site while producing no errors. Reviews are greatly appreciated on all products in order to encourage experts to make more!

    Certified listings show which versions are supported and a revision history for the plugin. All Certified plugins are also required to have support from the expert per their support terms. Only products that work in current SocialEngine releases (4.9.3 and up) can be certified. This should help clients to easily find products that work in new releases. We also require that a certified product be updated within 30 days of SocialEngine releases in order to help clients to upgrade their sites faster. Major version releases will require re-certification testing to ensure they still work.

    More details in our blog here!

    Experts - if you have questions please ask in our expert area in case we need to provide any feedback for items that would be private details. We will send a newsletter to experts to let you all know how to do things in the marketplace.

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