Notice Regarding Posting Policies

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    May 30, 2018 6:07 AM EDT

    Recently, we've had to remove a thread and edit another one. Our community rules were pretty clear regarding the intent of this community and "bashing" posts but we hadn't thought to put anything about vendettas as we hadn't thought it would be necessary. It appears it is. 

    Due to client and expert complaints, and clients actually wanting to leave our community, we've updated the above linked community rules. This forum is ONLY meant for clients, experts and prospective clients to seek and receive assistance in using the SocialEngine script, getting customization help, finding experts and plugins, or coding help.

    We added the expert and plugin section before because we thought it would be helpful. We provide a review section at the marketplace for reviews of experts and plugins. If you have an issue with an expert or plugin, post your review there. 

    Use this community to find help with the SE script, to find good plugins for your site and to get customization help, coding help, or server help. 

    Do NOT use this community to air dirty laundry, post grievances about experts or plugins in a bashing or vendetta post, or to bash other clients or the SE software. 

    You can post a standard review of your experience with an expert or plugin at this time. However, the tone should be business-like and professional. Keep it to the facts. 

    If you want to post any other sort of posts as perhaps you are extremely unhappy with an expert or plugins, we encourage you to purchase an SE license and make a community for grievances rather than post them here. 

    Please keep this community free from the negativity that can destroy it. We are trying to build something nice for all of you. We do appreciate all of you and hope to give you all a voice - within reason. It was never our intent to have to be heavy handed here. We hope that you all understand our position. The only reason we stepped in is due to several complaints from clients and experts (yes many experts jumped in to say they were also uncomfortable with the way things were going). 

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    June 28, 2018 1:54 AM EDT

    I pop in from time to time and apart from one particular thread, I didn't see a lot of bashful posts. Having said that, it's good to remind the user base of what as a whole should be encouraged and what should not be. Yes, when going on public forums here for a specific purpose, they are privileges, not rights. We have the right to our opinions, and the privilege of sharing our facts, and suggestions in response to our concerns. Instead of our complaints based on on-going issues best left to private matters.

    a helping hand is not to be taken advantage of. Does freedom of speech apply to online communities? The right to respect what we agree to uphold, should be our ultimate goal to stay connected in a like minded environment we all can enjoy. Ignorance as such, is our respective responsibility. Professionalism is about facts. Complaints don't help matters unless they are factual. Bickering about this and that won't solve anything. We can only do our best based on what we know. If someone ignores knowledge for the sake of personal favor, then problems arise due to people misunderstanding each other and subsequently not being on the same page. Communities unite for a reason to avoid this eventuality from occurring because together, we're building solutions for our future.

    Thanks for the message, Donna.

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    June 28, 2018 5:54 AM EDT

    The post this was about had to be removed due to many many complaints - from experts and clients alike. It got far too negative and attacking. If it had stayed to the facts, it could have remained. However, the spiral into a mean spirited and "war thread" just caused clients to want to leave and experts to question whether they wanted to be part of a community like that. We want this to be a positive experience for all involved. We totally understand that there will be negative posts or reviews of experts or plugins or features. That's fine as long as it is constructive. When it degrades into a free for all, then it needs to be removed as we won't be devolving into that sort of environment.

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    June 28, 2018 7:21 AM EDT

    It was entertaining to read I must admit for the first half a page. Then it got boring. then it got annoying since it kept going on and on for months. So I totally understand and support the decision to get rid of it. Some people will just come on to complain and not be a part of the solution. Which is fine, but it doesn't help that you see people needing legitimate help and then they act like they don't get it when they do and it's not hidden in plain sight so to speak.

    I'm not a bashful person and so I don't practice whining for attention, because that's what some people do if they aren't happy and the sad thing is, some think it's within their right to do it until "someone oils the squeaky wheel". They don't realize that happens as a last resort, and it is not a fun thing to have to do in the first place as it shouldn't be necessary.

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    June 28, 2018 8:34 AM EDT

    Thank you for your feedback.